Lock up

‘Can we top and tail?’: Newcastle lads break into freshers’ room at 4am

They tried to sleep on the floor


Bear Hug steals the Saturday night show

Embrace the Bear Hug

Sure to turn heads at any Halloween party this year & a great convo starter for the shy ones…

TabGuide: Halloween Costumes

If you’re going to do it, do it right

Back in the day.

You’re pulling my Leg-o

A Durham student has earned over £10,000 from making Lego models

Strike featured image

No homework: Lecturers strike next week

What the hell is a pig in a poke?

Style Diary: Josh

We followed this guy around for a week because we thought he looked cool…

Prince Sven himself.

Prince Sven: Student blags taxi ride claiming he is royalty

He’s just some fancy foreigner with a posh accent


Journey into Paradise

Now in it’s fifth week, Paradise Disco is fast becoming a staple Durham night. Lorcan Treacy looks at why…

A distinctive hat and fully developed pout are taken as read from this point.

How to create your very own clique

Alex Prescot doesn’t have any friends. He has cliques. And you bloody well should too


Player of the Week: Jess Cooper

A member of the Divas’ old guard, the outstanding Jess Cooper is our player of the week. She likes her teammates’ ‘unbeatable abs’.


Best LOVESHACK photos of the week

Did you disgrace yourself this Wednesday? Check to see if we have the evidence

The tow path cordoned off last week

Welfare team warning: ‘Don’t walk home alone’

After a spate of incidents, colleges are urging students to stay safe at night

 Just be good to Green.

Pro Green post-slap: ‘What’s happened to rock and roll?’

Slappy rapper just doesn’t understand why hitting a fan is ‘such a big thing’


Team of the Week: Durham Divas

Fresh from their most successful year yet, the Durham Divas are looking to throw some even more outrageous shapes this year.


Is Durham under the grip of the Default Man?

Warning: contains dicks.


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