Photojournalism at its best

Klute goes mute: power cut leaves hundreds of clubbers in the dark

Durham’s favourite club is plunged into darkness mid-song by power outage. Scroll down for photos


Best LOVESHACK photos of the week

Did you disgrace yourself this Wednesday? Check to see if we have the evidence

The tow path cordoned off last week

Welfare team warning: ‘Don’t walk home alone’

After a spate of incidents, colleges are urging students to stay safe at night

 Just be good to Green.

Pro Green post-slap: ‘What’s happened to rock and roll?’

Slappy rapper just doesn’t understand why hitting a fan is ‘such a big thing’


Team of the Week: Durham Divas

Fresh from their most successful year yet, the Durham Divas are looking to throw some even more outrageous shapes this year.


Is Durham under the grip of the Default Man?

Warning: contains dicks.


Get your essay referencing done in minutes with this free app

Stop worrying about whether you’re referencing correctly and do it this way instead

Red Chino-ed Prick

How to get everyone in Durham to hate you: A step by step guide

Ever wanted to emulate Prince Harry? Then read on….

Manchester's Castle

£50 million to be spent building a “student castle”

A castle away from Castle…


Autumn Street Style

As the Michaelmas term gets underway, Katherine Bullock gets on the search for some of Durham’s best (and worst) outfits.


What’s Hot: Week 3

Actually having to start work now term’s started? Do these things instead…

hild bede fb

Breaking: Police cordon off Hild Bede towpath

Police search for ‘forensic evidence’ on walkway

This could be you...

Secretive DUCFS to reveal this year’s theme

The much anticipated DUCFS will return this evening when they unveil this year’s theme at Ignition

Tyler Rainford being 'stunning'

Hamlet spin-off turns out to be more ‘Joey’ than ‘Frasier’

Our reviewer wonders whether they ought ‘to be or not to be’ somewhere else…


VOTE: Best Frep Video

Some will just make you cringe and some will make you wish you applied there instead. But which is the best?


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Have you got what it takes to write for Durham’s most popular news source?

Pyjamas in public = social suicide

Freshers’ Guide: What not to wear to lectures

Just in case you were going to turn up looking like a tit…