It’s the worst kind of slacktivism

Last week saw a landmark moment as LGBT and straight people celebrated equal marriage in America and another year of Pride –– just by changing profile pictures on Facebook.

You must have seen the rainbow photos which started appearing on your newsfeed from Saturday. If you’re straight you can add the colours to your profile and everyone will know you’re down with Pride.

Call me a cynic, but how long do you really think these pictures will stay up? In a few days, they’re bound to disappear –– one by one, Rainbow filters will be replaced by Instagram Valencia again.

Straight people can rest assured they’ve done their job. Everything around the world is great so, sit back, relax and change your Facebook profile picture back again.

These worthy right-on types have a time limit for this sort of thing. So how long? A week? Two?

This sort of easy slacktivism is the equivalent of “one like = one prayer”. Both are nonsense and an offensive simplification of reality.


You’re not helping

There is a dangerous foe we queers need to prepare against and it might just be you, the fair-weather ally.

Listened to one too many Ariana Grande bangers in the union bar, didn’t you? And now all of a sudden you’re ready to take on the heterosexual hegemony.

Was it a celebration of marriage equality? Well I don’t remember you flying to Belfast and to tear down the Peace Walls in an act of sheer ruddy queer optimism.

But it’s a nice trend isn’t it? It’s sweet and endearing –– but it’s just a trend for you. Like a fad. What will happen when it does end?

Are you going to keep that banner up till every single queer in the world is liberated? Or will you just change it subtly in a couple of days and hope nobody notices?

It’s almost like you want them to notice so you can get more likes on yet another profile picture. Summer’s coming up so your beach bod needs immortalising in a perfect profile picture of hot brilliance, not worthy of being obscured by a rainbow.


What happened your Make Poverty History bands?

But just like Make Poverty History bands and No Makeup Selfies, the world is still a harrowing shithole of misery and poverty. But it would just be plain weird if you wore those white bands on a night out now.

It’s because these rainbow pictures are a fashion statement for most people, one which inevitably ends before the problems do.

In a couple weeks we won’t have marriage equality worldwide. Fuck it, we won’t have the chance to walk down the streets in the majority of world cities without harassment in a couple of decades –– let alone weeks.

There’s a delicious irony in thinking these people are screwed whatever they do. Either they publicly don’t care about Pride by not changing their pic, or they appear like homophobes when they change their picture back in a few weeks’ time.


How long will your rainbow filters last?

When you inevitably change your rainbow picture, is it because you hate the LGBT community? Is it because being an ally isn’t cool anymore? Why would you change it in the first place and what possible reason could there be?

You’re not celebrating anything because you haven’t fought anything, you probably haven’t done anything other than raise an eyebrow reading the BBC News app before following a trend to drape yourself in the Pride flag.

Are you willing to wait for global freedom before you change it? Not that we need you. Queers don’t need your patronising ally bullshit.

We appreciate the effort, it’s quite nice really. Knowing you care about us before you enter into the corporate world and probably won’t bat an eyelid to the culture of homophobia which exists outside the student world.

But when we fought Section 28 in the 1980s, which banned a teacher talking about homosexuality at the height of the AIDS pandemic, we didn’t need you. We fought it on our own terms without Facebook filters.

So when we probably did need you lot, where were you? Didn’t see you when millions of queers were dying because of a preventable disease during the 80s and 90s. Straights only care about anything when they think it’s cool –– just like when you stole vogueing and started saying “shade”.

Better late than never right? I call bullshit. When it ceases to be cool, when Macklemore finally retires (please God soon), will you give up on us?

Too many breeders seem to think we’ve done it now. Marriage equality on both sides of the Atlantic. Done, closed book, sorted.

Rainbow 2

We don’t need to be patronised like this

You don’t actually know our struggle, what Pride actually means –– what the Pride Flag represents. Why it means so much and how it’s not a little trend to watermark your Facebook profile picture with.

It’s a symbol of our seemingly never-ending struggle. Yet too many straight people have taken it as a logo of cool, which spits in the face of our queer heritage.

It’s a bit rich to see Pride being appropriated by the straight community. It’s like you can’t help it, just slowly sucking every life form of ours away to make it your own.

Just like you changing your profile picture. Well done: yet another thing to steal from us. We can’t even have fucking Pride as our own.

We have to share it with you lot now, invite you down, and engage you. Some bright spark at Facebook HQ probably thought it was a great idea to take something quintessentially homo and use it to show we care about the homos.

Maybe I’m being harsh. I’ve not been lynched (yet) so perhaps everything is great. We’ll see in 30 years time if your daughter comes home with her girlfriend. Then we’ll see how much your rainbow flag profile picture meant.

I won’t be holding my breath.


  • Anon

    Well, this is fucking stupid.

  • Anon

    It’s the celebration of an iconic moment. Same way as celebrating the end of Apartheid, the liberation of slaves in America etc. Stop making out the celebration of good news to be a bad thing.

  • Anon

    Lol. Just fucking lol. Why do people always try to be the victim?

  • Anon

    Oh fuck off. Some people show their support for a cause and you go all “No go away, this is our cause, stop pretending to be an ally cishet bastard” – you get that there isn’t a finite amount of happiness or support in the world? You get that a straight person showing support does nothing but help your cause? It has literally no negatives but you’re so wrapped up in being identified by your sexuality (which I thought the whole point of the movement was NOT to be identified by your sexuality) that you’re making it all about keeping others out so you can feel special and important. If the biggest part of your personality is your sexuality then you must have a fucking boring personality.

    • Anon

      By his logic, unless you’re ‘fighting on the front line’ for something, then you can’t possibly support it. We all have our own battles to fight, doesn’t mean we can’t support each other as we do. Even if it is by doing something as token as ‘liking’ a post, or putting a rainbow across your dp.

  • Just a little disgruntled.

    Genuinely made a little angry by this, so if you’re essentially trolling congratulations, you’ve done what you set out to do. Changing your profile picture obviously doesn’t cause any physical change, it’s just a sign of support. Until the last few decades, homophobia was taken as culturally normal, which made it completely unacceptable and impossible to be openly gay and that’s just what has changed and needs to continue changing; the culture and attitude towards being gay. If just one homophobe subconsciously sees being gay as just a little more acceptable because a load of his/her mates have changed their profile picture, then it’d be worth it surely.

  • Angry Bisexual bored of yo shi

    Please stop writing things, its really very annoying


  • Bi guy

    Shut the fuck up, you miserable, sanctimonious wanker. It’s drivel like this that pushes allies away from our community, and that leaves us fighting alone. Instead of berating ‘breeders’ for not knowing what our struggles are, why couldn’t you have tried educating them instead? People are responsive to those attempts, but will immediately assume you’re ‘just another angry queer’ trying to prove who’s least privileged. It helps nobody.

    • Ted Govostis

      But, but, but, bi guy, don’t you realise there is no such thing as bi? And you are just hurting the cause by not committing? Someone with his head this far up his own ass is probably the type of gobshite who says this sort of drivel too.

      • Lucas Rohr

        There is no such thing as bi? Where did you get that “fact”?

        • Adaire Kamen

          Prettyyyy sure he was being sarcastic to make a point.

          • Josh A. Wirtz

            Yeah, iI read it that way as well!

          • Lucas Rohr

            Woops, my bad, sorry^^

      • Kris Dow

        This is what I was thinking, too. I know at least one person on my fb friends list who is in a heterosexual marriage but totally identifies as bi, so if you were a random person looking at photos, you’d probably go ‘oh god, straight ally!’ but nope!

        Also – this whole rant feels totally exclusionary against people who are not straight, but are not-straight in ways that do not agree with the author’s view of what not-straight should look like. What about people who identify as genderqueer, not trans? What about people who are asexual?

        For that matter – how do you know how much anyone who IS actually a straight ally has actually DONE? I know people who happen to be straight who have been incredibly involved in hands-on LGBTQA (note: A for asexual/aromantic, not ally) stuff on a local level, like providing support for local teens who are having problems at home, that sort of thing. Don’t they get to feel good for the people that they’ve spent all that time helping, and want to show it? I’m quite sure they’re well aware that marriage equality is not the end of the battle.

        Finally – I have seen so many people in various places online whining about how many rainbows they’ve been seeing, because it makes it so they can’t just forget that the whole thing happened. To which I say: Good. Almost every single rainbow they see represents another person that they now realize is NOT OKAY with their bigoted backwards views – people aren’t silently in agreement with them, just too cowardly to be the one who says it, which is what a lot of bigots like to think is how the world works. (“I’m just saying what everyone is thinking!”) So maybe next time they want to harass someone, or do something at work, or just tell a horrible joke, they’ll stop and think for a second and realize the rainbows are EVERYWHERE and not do it. For the people I’ve seen whining about it online, at least, the rainbows are a very clear reminder that society does NOT agree with them.

        • Katherine Wren

          PREACH! Also, thank you for including my people (the ace community) in that response. Who knows, I may one day want to platonically marry another wonderful ace woman someday. If this law hadn’t been passed, I’m sure explaining to the state that we weren’t actually sexually interested in each other and merely wanted the bond for the sake of companionship would not have helped our case. I absolutely had a stake in this decision, even if it never ends up directly affecting me or any member of my family.

      • Kendyl Russell

        Why are you trying to perpetuate the binary system? There is a spectrum of sexuality. Equality applies to all humans not just gay men, lesbians, and straight people. There are asexuals, bisexuals, pansexuals, etc. We are under no obligation to define ourselves based on liking one specific gender.

        • Emily

          totally agree

        • KP

          I’m pretty sure he was being sarcastic.

        • Ted Govostis

          Re-read my comment, the opening line was me making fun of that mind set, not endorsing it. Or did you just read the first line and reply without reading the whole thing?

      • Emily

        so ted do you believe there isn’t such thing as pansexual polysexual omnisexual ambisexual etc

        • Ted Govostis

          I was mocking the “no such thing as bi” militant gays, not promoting them.

  • Anon

    So basically if you aren’t LGBT you can’t celebrate a step towards equality for everyone? So by logic can men not support feminism by wanting gender equality because they “weren’t there” when women died for the vote? Statements such as “straights only care about anything when they think it’s cool” only serve to drive a wedge, what an absolutely ridiculous article. Apologies for wanting to celebrate something which I believe is right.

    • Ted Govostis

      Additionally, so fucking what if it is only because it is “cool”. That’s how you build momentum in a movement that eventually becomes majority support and finally permanent change. That’s how you turn the previously unacceptable into the norm.

  • Pissed off gay

    Stop writing articles, you’re making us look bad. The vast majority of gay people would say you’re utterly wrong, stop using your sexuality to play the victim and get attention.

  • Shut Up

    Always ironic when people try and make things exclusive to only those who identify as LGBT+. As a largely in the closet bisexual, it’s nice to be able to show support for the LGBT+ cause, openly, without having to explicitly tell my whole friendship list that I’m bi. Sexuality is a spectrum, stop trying to draw lines in the sand.

  • liam

    Oh fuck off. Stop being such a cause-snob! It’s just a small token to show support. It’s really not a good idea to push those away who are supportive.

  • Gay, and disgusted

    What a load of absolute rubbish. As a gay man myself, I find this article sickening. Straight allies are one of the biggest reasons for such a massive shift in attitude towards LGBTQ+ people over the last ten or so years. Do you think if we didn’t have the growing support of straight people, we would have progressed as far as we have in this fight? They are not unwelcomely interfering by any means.

    It’s attitudes like this that contribute to marginalising us in the first place. They breed an ‘us’ and ‘them’ culture which is exactly what we are fighting against! We fight for equality, liberation and assimilation but at the same time certain members of the LGBTQ+ community turn around and make out that it isn’t an issue about human rights and basic human dignity, that affects all of us, but rather childishly claim that straight people should leave ‘our’ cause alone. Grow the fuck up, straight people aren’t using us as a fashion, they aren’t ‘appropriating our culture’ or whatever rubbish you want to brand it. They are sincerely and in good faith trying to help all people live their lives without prejudice or discrimination and to show LGBTQ+ people that we are supported and appreciated. I for one massively appreciate every straight person on my feed who has taken the time to publicly support our cause. Every human has struggles personally affecting them, it doesn’t mean we can’t all help each other through them.

    • Elizabeth Nash

      Spectacular, articulate response. The very one I was trying to muster myself but literally couldn’t find the words through a fog of fury.

      There is not a single patronising thing about people publically showing their delight over an historic decision that means that the global LGBTQ+ community is closer to equality. To compare the rainbow filters to the ‘no make up challenge’ et. al. is to be profoundly and unnecessarily cycnical about the true attitudes of your peers, and essentially reject their support. Anyway, those challenges mentioned raised a massive amount of money for their respective causes, so although it may have been in narcissistic taste, the end result was a hugely positive one.

      Additionally, and the argument referring to the struggles of the LGBTQ+ community in the early 90s and earlier is frankly redundant. This is a publication aimed at university students. Most readers hadn’t even be conceived. They are showing their support now, and trying to help normalize something that absolutely should be normalised. They’re doing what they can. It is their willingness to support that hopefully means that homophobia is en route to extinction. When the profile pictures are un-rainbowed, the attitudes of those who chose to show their support will not be.

      • Estrus Wanton

        “Fog of fury” exactly my emotions.

      • Hata H. Zappah


    • Anon

      Just FYI, Charles has a history of publishing articles berating cishet people for attempting to join forces or celebrate the LGBTQA+ lifestyle. He’s a bit of an arsehole.

      • KamalGilkes

        What do the ‘Q’, ‘A’ and ‘+’ stand for in ‘LGBTQA+’?

        • Casey La Pila

          Questioning, asexual, and beyond (pansexual, etc.)

          • KamalGilkes


            • Casey La Pila

              Those who’re attracted to others regardless of where they sit along the gender spectrum – men, women, trans, etc.

              • lkl

                Ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                • Tony Bannister

                  Why is that funny?

          • DeafAtheist

            Q is Queer but I suppose “Questioning” fits too

            • Richard

              Why do you need “queer” if there’s already “gay” and “lesbian?” Does queer not mean attracted to the same sex?

              • Kris Dow

                People I know who define as ‘queer’ tend to feel that none of the other terms are quite right – it can mean ‘I’m still learning about myself’ or it can mean ‘none of the existing terms seem to accurately describe how I feel.’ Frequently with people I know, it’s associated with some kind of non-conforming gender identity, also, although I don’t claim that’s a defining characteristic. (I suspect because ‘lesbian’ and ‘gay’ and ‘straight’ all depend on defining yourself as male or female, and if you don’t feel like either of those is correct gender-wise, then you can’t use the terms for sexual orientation either. Pansexual doesn’t work because it implies you’re attracted to potentially everyone, and you may well have preferences, you’re just not sure if they make you ‘gay’ or ‘straight’ – so ‘queer’.)

                Also, I know some people who COULD be labeled ‘gay’ or ‘lesbian’ or ‘bi’ or what have you, but they prefer ‘queer’ because they feel like there are too many social expectations involved in adhering to a label – like one person I know was complaining about the attitude (which afaik doesn’t even apply to her, it just bugs her that it exists) that you can’t be lesbian if you’ve had consensual sex with a guy, ever. No matter if it was to get pregnant so you and your SO could have a kid, or if it was when you were younger and not sure, or if you did it once just to confirm that it wasn’t for you… Nope. So even though she does qualify as ‘lesbian’ by those rules, she doesn’t want to be seen to be supporting them in any way. So she uses ‘queer’.

              • DeafAtheist
              • Jessica Daniely

                Queer is a general term, can be about sexuality or, more often, gender. Those who feel they lie somewhere between genders, often too in between to want to identify as one or the other.

            • Melanie Sullivan

              I always thought that queer was a derogatory term. It wasn’t until recently that I’ve heard it being used again.

              • Lee Rowan

                It was reclaimed in the past few decades by activists. I was born before Stonewall–so while I recognize the value of such action, I never think of myself as “queer.”

        • Sindi Linette

          Right now I’m a – because so much stuff like this makes me hate everyone.

          • Cheyenne Grantham

            Being asexual isn’t something you can decide to be anymore than being gay is something you can decide to be.

            • KamalGilkes

              I think it possibly is

              • Katherine Wren

                You think you can choose not to feel sexual attraction to anyone? Really? I can appreciate that someone is good looking but have never in my life felt the desire to do more with anyone than give them a peck on the lips, hold hands, or cuddle. I have no sex drive to speak of. Therefore, I am asexual.

                • Kris Dow

                  Right, and there’s also a range of asexuality. I know some people who identify as ace who aren’t really into the whole sex thing but don’t mind having it with a partner for the intimacy/etc. they feel, and other people who are like ‘uh, no, don’t wanna do any of that, no thanks.’

                  Really, human gender identity and sexual orientation both Do Not Want to be put in neat and tidy boxes, and we should get over the weird deep desire we have to make them fit. As long as your personal arrangement of whatever matches up with the personal arrangement of whatever of the person or persons you are interested in having some kind of relationship with, and everyone is able to consent and has done so, then you be you. (For purposes here, aromantic people arranging to have sex with each other would still be a relationship, even if they wouldn’t really consider it that way because of the lack of romantic components.)

              • Trialia

                No. You can decide to be celibate if you’re sexual. You can’t decide to be asexual. (And yes, I’m grey-A (look it up). Also ID as poly & homoromantic.)

          • Sindi Linette

            What I meant is I’m fucking depressed and hate everyone. Stop reading crap into a post, this is why I fucking hate everyone.

          • Lee Rowan

            You can be celibate your whole life – that doesn’t alter your orientation.

        • Ash
      • sheilam22

        A BIT???

      • Lee Rowan

        No, I’d say a GREAT BIG one.

    • YouarntJapanesegetoverit.

      “It’s attitudes like this that contribute to marginalising us in the first place.” I posted a comment that says exactly this. Im not homophobic and never will be, but I can see how some people could look at his post and go, “Oh.. Well I guess the gays hate us, we should hate them.” Thanks for putting your eloquent argument out there.

    • Athena McKenzie

      I was always taught that the rainbow indicated that we’re all different and we all belong. INCLUSIVITY. An interpretation the OP apparently doesn’t agree with.

    • Ted Govostis

      Agree wholeheartedly. What this dickhead fails to recognize is that these so called “Fair weather friends”, when they do that profile change, even for just a few days, it sends a message. Imagine you’re a gay teenager, living in the closet, in the middle of the bible belt in the US. A place where it can be quite dangerous to come out. Now you open facebook one day to see a bunch of friends who have changed their page in support. Before that you had no reason at all to suspect they were gay friendly. Now you’ve got 2 things. Primarliy, hope. The concrete in your face sort of reinforcement that you are actually supported, even if they don’t realise it is you they are supporting. 2 a sign post, to who you can safely come out to, and know who will have your back. Hell, imaging a gay teen who never thought in a million years they could tell their mother, seeing her change her profile pic in this way. Now I personally didn’t change my profile pic, because on most days I have multiple left leaning anti bigotry posts, so it is a bit redundant.

      As far as his “we did it on our own”, bullshit. Never, in any democracy, did a legally repressed minority ever achieve equality and civil rights “on their own. By definition, it requires help from the majority. The repressed my have got the ball rolling, but it would never have gotten to where it is, without changing the attitude of the surrounding culture.

      • Judy Farrell

        Thanks. It is time for teachers to openly offer that safe haven of support.

      • KP

        He also misses the point that many allies weren’t even born in the 80’s and those that werw were just kids in the 90’s. They weren’t around to fight for equality, but they are now.

    • Wendy Alexander

      Well said!

    • Jill Harris-Kuhn

      Don’t worry – most people recognise a twat when they see one and twats are readily available across the whole spectrum of sexuality, gender, race and religion.

    • Helen Pluckrose

      Well said! Also, as a (mostly) straight person, thank you! I feel very much the same way about feminism. Women were able to achieve equal legal rights & change sexist attitudes because men supported us. If a majority of men had remained steadfastly against women’s rights, we wouldn’t have them. Society is overwhelmingly in favour of gender equality and yet some of my fellow feminists will berate, insult and alienate male feminists and male allies for speaking about feminism at all even when they are entirely well-intentioned and supportive. This is hurtful and counterproductive.

    • Riki Cady

      Thank you! I was horrified to read this. My sexuality does not come into play when I do ANYTHING to support anyone I care about. To read this hate filled post because I changed my picture made me ill. I support equal love, equal rights when it comes to love and staying out of other people’s personal business unless I am asked in!

    • Topsy Krets

      LOVE YOU!!

  • Anon

    “yet another thing to steal from us. We can’t even have fucking Pride as our own.” HOW DARE YOU. This is about equality! I don’t think you got the message. Also “too many breeders”? I must say that this article is crass. And finally this drivel, “Your not celebrating anything because you haven’t fought anything” this part made me quite upset, do you understand the families that have fought together for equality? Are they not allowed to celebrate? The friends that support others, like my have fought for me? Why is it so hard to believe that many straight people feel just as strongly about pride as we do? So no, Charles, ‘deputy editor’ everything is not great, it’s far from it.

  • Fuck you

    Waow this guy must be the biggest idiot who has ever written for this abysmal paper, looks great on the cv too ” I encouraged people to take down profile pics supporting a minority group” great Job man! The fact that The tab could print this is sad

  • anonymised

    ‘we fought Section 28 in the 1980s’ sorry mate you didn’t do any fighting, you weren’t there, so by your logic you can’t support that fight

  • jc127

    I’d argue that this is nothing like the no make up selfie or make poverty history bands. Unlike cancer research, or combating poverty, there’s no physical ‘thing’ straight people can do to further the LGBT cause, beyond expressing our support and trying to change the minds of those who are still prejudiced. Yeah sure you can donate to a charity fighting for LGBT rights etc, but ultimately it is a cultural shift in attitudes that marks progress, something these profile pictures perform rather aptly. They normalise publicly showing acceptance, show the scale of the support that is out there.

    Don’t like straight people adopting the imagery of the LGBT movement? That’s exactly the kind of mainstreaming that is required; in your desire to remain niche, alternative and activist you’ll just end up holding back your own movement. You don’t get to have complete equality and maintain an alternative status where it’s OK for you to refer to straight people as ‘breeders’ and ‘straights’. Quit the bullshit ‘us and them’ dichotomy you’re carving out for yourself or you’ll never reach your goal.

  • Offendatron

    Is the author a parody?

  • Martin Baker

    This is an awful article. I found out recently that two of my straight friends had gone on gay pride marches in the 1980s when it was a very political struggle – they did so because they felt the treatment of gay people was abhorrent and they wanted to stand up against Government policy at the time. So there are straight people out there who have been standing up for gay rights for decades.

    Secondly, one common theme I’ve encountered amongst friends, is that when they came out, they initially did so to a “safe” person – someone who they knew would not reject or ridicule them. Whatever your sexuality, if you offer up support and solidarity, you may be helping a friend make a decision in their own life, or give them someone to talk to when they need it. Half the self-doubt that LGBT people often face is not knowing how people will react if they come out. If you’ve already made your position clear on that subject then they hopefully already know the answer in advance.

    • Kris Dow

      This second point especially. When I was younger, I ended up being a moderator for an online irc chat associated with a website for lgbt+ teens just by coincidence. (I had a friend who was involved, who is gay, he needed extra sensible older people who could provide a sounding board as necessary and boot out any creepers, and I had the free time.) Quite a lot of what I and the other moderators did (some of whom were LBGT+ and some who were straight) other than booting out the occasional person who clearly came to try to creep on vulnerable kids, was just be someone they could talk to about things when they didn’t feel they could talk to people they knew in real life. Quite often it wasn’t even major heavy conversations so much as wanting to chat about daily life with peers where they didn’t have to watch what they were saying lest they out themselves. I don’t know that we worked any miracles, but it did really seem to help to know there was an environment where they could chat and ask questions and talk through things with people, etc. You don’t actually need to be gay yourself to be able to be someone who is actually listening, you know?

  • Mark Liu

    Wait I thought we were doing rainbow pics to honour the death of Roy G. Biv, inventor of the rainbow.

  • yes, that makes sense

    you must either entirely solve a problem or have absolutely nothing to do with it

  • tmc

    “Was it a celebration of marriage equality? Well I don’t remember you flying to Belfast and to tear down the Peace Walls in an act of sheer ruddy queer optimism.”

    Pretty sure I wasn’t rushing down to belfast and I’m gay. It’s not because I don’t support our rights its because it wasn’t feasible for me to get there and I wasn’t fully aware of what was happening – a problem social media support can easily fix i.e. dissemination of information.

    “in a couple weeks we won’t have marriage equality worldwide. Fuck it, we won’t have the chance to walk down the streets in the majority of world cities without harassment in a couple of decades –– let alone weeks.”

    I agree but I really don’t see how shunning allies even if they are “fair weather” will achieve this. Social change must be bottom up not top down so you need the support of the people. In terms of eradicating homophobia a good way is to normalise homosexuality – something these profile pictures did.

    “Either they publicly don’t care about Pride by not changing their pic, or they appear like homophobes when they change their picture back in a few weeks’ time.”

    I haven’t seen anybody on my newsfeed be called a homophobe and I haven’t thought anybody was a homophobe because of these pictures. I think it’s definitely over thinking it.

    “Queers don’t need your patronising ally bullshit.”

    The author is definitely generalising now – I want “ally bullshit” because I want to feel supported and accepted. We aren’t the fucking Bolsheviks, we can’t change a country with a militant minority.

    “Straights only care about anything when they think it’s cool” + “Too many breeders”

    Makes me genuinely ashamed that a member of LGBT would use that sort of hypocritic heterophobic language

    “It’s a symbol of our seemingly never-ending struggle”

    its not never ending. It ends when there is total equality – something which will eventually happen.

    “We’ll see in 30 years time if your daughter comes home with her girlfriend. Then we’ll see how much your rainbow flag profile picture meant.”

    This made me angry. My parents are straight and I came out and they cried with pride for me, it’s totally disrespectful and childish to say that sort of thing.

    So I guess my thoughts are: a poorly written and over zealous polemic which will do nothing to further the cause of LGBT rights.

    I felt the need to select quotes incase any keyboard warriors pop up. Only gave it one read over and they may be a proper point somewhere but the way it’s written its completely over the top IMO.

  • HATE Articles Like This

    STOP trying to tell people what they think!!! This whole article is addressed to “you”. Who is this universal you? Because the opinions you impose on your reader are not MY view at all. I have never read a more cynical article in my LIFE. You have completely opposed the whole attitude of PRIDE. People of the LGBTQ community being proud of who they are. People of ALL communities being proud to support the cause. The rainbow profile pictures are a display of solidarity, not a fad or a trend. You are in desperate need of getting into a completely different mindset. PRIDE is about celebrating what has been achieved so far for the cause, whilst it doesn’t ignore what is yet to be done. I identify as straight but I also identify as someone who fights for equal rights for all people and I will not be hounded by some article telling me otherwise.

  • Rob

    I might print this off and wipe my arse with it later.

  • Sighs deeply

    You know I have to hand it to you Mr White, every time I think you couldn’t get to be any more of a sanctimonious cunt you surely manage it

  • Love first

    Think your arguments are fundamentally flawed man: straights only care about something if they think it’s cool? Everything is cool now you can relax,,great all over the world ? or whatever it was! Fuck you! I have friends who’s been bullied , had their financial support cut and been beaten up because their gay. I am so glad that I can show my support with so many others so that homophobic people out there van actually see that they are the ones standing alone and that governments can see that the lgtb community have millions of supporters and that most people regardless of Specialist are disagreeing with discriminating laws affecting the lgtb community. And yeah I’m so happy that this could get me likes because it’s a like with a meaning even if not intended to be it contributes to awareness of a cause that is sooo important, equality! So please , go and fuck yourself xoxo

  • Gay4pay

    Tbh I thought the rainbow make look hot, but I realised the next day it really didn’t.

  • djnn24

    The Tab is full of pathetic articles which are either written with a sarcastic take on them or written by pretentious idiots who are trying to gain popularity through their controversial opinions.

    Many of the Tab’s articles are about absolute nonsense (some are still worth reading, hence why I maintain a reader of The Tab), so I have learned to take them with a pinch of salt. Most are based on the opinion of few or solely the readers – as is this articles.

    If this article was aimed at being a sarcastic parody, then what a fucking waste of time it was. Equal marriage was passed in the US, the most powerful and influential country in the world, hence why it was largely celebrated by people all over the planet. This was a step forward for the country and also the rest of the world. Much of the world’s population are supporters of LGBT rights, so they are perfectly entitled to celebrate the passing of this law.

    To me, Facebook’s profile filter really showed how much support there really is in the world. Many of my friends, and other Facebook users, had used the filter on their profile picture which put a smile on my face, and probably every single member of the LGBT community across the world (although clearly not yours). It shows that we as a population celebrate equal rights and are there to support and fight for those which are not given the same rights as us.

    I’m disgusted that The Tab even allowed this article to be published, even if it fulfils their criteria for a ‘controversial’ article, because all the facts in it are wrong. Facebook’s profile filter is not just a celebration, it shows that we together – not just the LBGT community, but the collective population – want equality. While the majority of nations do not support equality or some even the right to be yourself, we still need to fight and show that we support those who still suffer. The rainbow profile picture, illustrates the support they have.

    Obviously people will change their profile pictures in the future, but that isn’t the point. This moment in time just shows the collective support there is, so please do not ruin it by writing absolute trash like this.

    You should take a look at yourself. Really.

  • Outraged gay

    Charles White, you are writing for no one but yourself and your own ego. The lgbt* community detests you for being one of the biggest causes of homophobia in Durham and everyone else just thinks you’re a bellend, which – let’s be honest – you are. You don’t deserve to have thousands of people reading your articles every week and to be unashamedly contributing to the marginalisation of the lgbt* community in the process simply to satisfy your lust for attention with barefaced clickbating.

    Piss off back up your own arsehole,

    Yours sincerely,

    The Durham lgbt* community (and everyone else who has to scroll past your drivel for that matter)

    • Luke Anthony David Scotney

      My friend, this is the internet and unfortunately his skid mark of an article landed in my isolated Kent based news feed… He is literally “I don’t care if you hate me because you’re still thinking about me” and he is just a face palm of a human.

  • Simon

    I’m sorry straight people, not all of us in the LGBT+ society are as bitter as this washed out old queen.

    This jerk off needs to twerk off into the sunset and never return. What a complete and utter cockwomble.

  • VRED123

    So you’d rather have an exclusive community than an inclusive one? It’s idiots like you that maintain a divide that people try so hard to fight, one that should never have been there in the first place because we are all just people

  • Angry ‘hetero’

    To be honest your whole argument is flawed because sexuality is a spectrum, not separate categories, so shut the hell up and be thankful that western society is supporting the freedom for you to express your sexuality and feelings because not everyone is that fucking lucky!!

  • Anon

    Wow, this is stupid. Just stop and think what you’re really saying – you are literally discouraging people from celebrating pride on their profile pictures. Even if you consider some people to be doing it for questionable reasons, it’s better that they’re doing it than not. Would you really rather no straight people (and therefore less people) used the rainbow profile pics? Really?

  • Lisbeth

    Your brief 20-25 years on this planet is evident from this article. I get it, straight people can’t, at its fundamental core, quite understand what it is like to be lgbt in society. They can’t really know what it is like to feel apprehensive about holding their significant others hand in public, the difficulties of dating in a straight world, or having to wait until 2013 to be told, yes we view your relationship with the same significance as heterosexuals, please now feel free to marry. I also get how being lgbt at Durham could only serve to amplify this.

    But mate, no progress will be made by rejecting the support of our straight friends and allies. As we tell the world that lgbt men and women are their daughters, sons, brothers, sisters – we must remind ourselves that straight people are the same.

    Pride, for me, is a reminder to the world that we make no progress when we cut out segments of our society, be they gay, straight, man, woman, black, white or effin purple. I am proud to be gay, and I am proud of the straight people that stand with me. You have a bitterness to resolve my friend.

  • Paul M

    Yeah, I’m going to jump in on the “Fuck You!” bandwagon. Much like, apparently, I jumped on same when I used the rainbow filter on my Facebook profile picture. Except I didn’t. I’ve been an active “Ally” (silly term, I’ll grant) for decades. I have numerous beloved friends who are LGBTQ+ as well as both of my children. To make such sweeping claims about the motives and interests of straight people who choose to express our joy that things may have just gotten a little bit better for people that we love is just simply stupid, and mean.

  • connie farmer

    I am really offended by this article. And although I am straight and previously had gay friends, my daughter DID bring home a woman and pronounced to the world she was in love with her. I am unabashedly proud of her and feel organically connected to the movement. This article insults people like me, and the author’s attitude would push away anyone who may want to join the fight. People DO change. I grew up in a house where bigotry was the norm, and I had to learn acceptance as an adult. These are teachable moments. We shouldn’t be wasting them.

  • Mariela Stevenson

    So one human being is not allowed to be happy for another human being? One human being is not allowed to be interested in an other human being? One human being is not allowed to show support for another human being? I better cancel my direct debit to Oxfam, cancel any charity work I do, switch off the news and not give a rats arse about anyone else but me then….? Sorry, but that’s not the world I want. The world is full of people who help other people fight their fight. So I may not have been kicked in the teeth for being gay. But I’ve been kicked in the teeth for being a woman. Apologies for caring about other human beings and having empathy.

  • Straight but so what

    So, ‘gay’ marriage is supposed to be about equality, yet this article is clearly saying that there is an them and and us, and we don’t want you to be part of the club. Don’t show your support for something you know nothing about.
    In that vein, surely what you’re saying is that non-minorities shouldn’t support any minority victory whether LGBT or BAME. Ludicrous!
    I may be straight and haven’t had to ‘fight’ in the 80’s and 90’s, but let’s face it, most of the students reading this weren’t born to fight either. But I have been there and seen the struggle of gay family members and friends, and as such feel well within my rights to show support when the USA changes is draconian laws.
    As for the profile picture, get real. What about all of the LGBT that haven’t changed to a rainbow pic, does that mean that aren’t supporting the cause, they haven’t fought for their rights. No. I had cancer 10 years ago and on an annual basis change my profile picture to the support charity’s logo as do many of my friends and family. When they remove it I don’t get offended and think that’ve stopped caring. It doesn’t need to be all consuming to matter. And just because it’s not plastered on social media doesn’t mean that individuals aren’t celebrating and ‘fighting’ in other ways.
    Very disrespectful and closed minded article. What a shame.

  • Annoyed Anon

    This is so horrendously generalised – why on earth do you assume that the straight people who use this profile picture are not doing anything else to help? Because in reality, those who care enough and feel proud enough to change their icon are often those who desperately want to create a fairer, more equal society for us all to live in. I get it – a rainbow filter isn’t enough alone, but give your Facebook friends the benefit of the doubt and know that they understand this too. When they put that filter on they don’t do it because it’s ALL they can do, they do it because it is representative of their attitudes and actions and it sends a clear message to their friends that this is a cause we should all be on board with.
    As many of the other comments here point out, in alienating straight people from the cause you are actually inhibiting the progression of equality and the development of identities defined by much more than just sexuality. This fight should never be characterised and “us” and “them” mentality – this in itself is entirely discordant with the principle of equality. That is not to say we shouldn’t recognise and celebrate differences – on the contrary, that’s much of the battle to be had – but we should do so in a manner which does not divide, unlike your article which viciously seeks to do so…

  • Harold

    You are part of the problem. Self obsessed twerp, I hope you reread this again in a year or two and feel sick to the stomach with this inane wittering rubbish.

  • Anon
  • Worse type of reporter

    I know several people now who have finally come out because of this Facebook picture filter. They realised that they aren’t going to get shunned by the people they know and have finally felt safe to come out. As a lesbian it makes me feel a lot more comfortable with my own identity when I look down my Facebook feed and all I see is rainbows.

    You have just written this article for kicks and the responses in the comment section, which is just the worse type of reporting.

  • Anon

    This article perfectly demonstrates one of the reasons that we are still marginalised as a group in this day and age. Granted, there are many others, but this is one of the most frustrating of the collection, because it stems from members of our own community. How you have the balls to struggle against anyone showing us support in any form is baffling. It’s akin to a friend of mine I have seen in Durham trying it on with his straight friends, and then accusing them of homophobia when, shockingly, they don’t want to get with another fella. It SCREAMS (and not in the fabulous way) of someone who is constantly fighting their corner because, unless they’re in a maelstrom of arguments, offensive words and banners at all times, they don’t feel like they’re winning the war.

    The truth is, we are winning the war. Slowly, yes, but very surely. The fact that our straight friends are willing to put a rainbow filter over their profile pictures is a gesture, just that. It’s not a pledge to take up arms when the Queer army makes it’s last stand against “the man”, it’s their way of saying, “Guys, we’re with you this weekend when you’re celebrating two momentous occasions, and congratulations”, and I, for one, am so grateful that they’re even acknowledging it. You are correct when you infer that this is not their struggle, but how can you not see that that in itself is why their support is appreciated so much? The fact that you would accuse them of being ‘slacktivists’ as a result is so disappointing. If it’s equality we’re after and not separatism, which your article perpetuates by suggesting that queer events only belong to queer people, then you’re the one holding us back. We’re asking to be tolerated by society, whether they truly accept us for who we are or not, and so for you to suggest that we turn our backs on them in turn is, quite frankly, the act of a true twat.

    Also, your references to the 80s and 90s are invalid to support your point, given the demographics of this medium, but totally support the point that many others have made against you. It shows how much progress has been made since then, progress which we could not have achieved without the help of our straight friends. “We” didn’t fight anything in the 80s, “we” are taking those social movements even further forward, yet you seem to be taking credit for them. You call bullshit, I call plagiarism.

    You, my friend, need to have a good look in the mirror and ask yourself why your anger is so misplaced. Once you’ve sorted that and chilled the fuck out, come and join the rest of us for a cocktail.

  • 1zla

    “When you inevitably change your rainbow picture, is it because you hate the LGBT community? Is it because being an ally isn’t cool anymore? Why would you change it in the first place and what possible reason could there be?”

    Do you walk around draped in the pride flag every hour of every day to announce that you’re gay? I would assume not. Similarly straight people don’t have to have a rainbow watermarked profile picture for the rest of their lives to announce that they support the lgbt+ community. Most people will change their profile picture at some point, just as they have been doing every so often since they started using Facebook. The rainbow watermark is simply a small token to celebrate that one of the biggest and most influential nations has now legalised gay marriage.

  • Guest

    Neglecting to mention that the gay community stole “shade” from the black community.

  • Nonsense

    This is absolute drivel, the writer doesn’t sound like he wants equality, he just wants to get even against “breeders”. People changing their pictures isn’t going to solve all the sexuality equality problems in the world nor is the ice bucket challenge gonna cure ALS but neither is your article so where does that leave us? Maybe just maybe and call me crazy we all just tried to take positives and aren’t always just persistently cynical then the world can start inching forward you pompous, spoilt brat

  • Really????

    I can only think Charles is writing this for one of 2 reasons, it’s either this are his genuine thoughts or he’s trying to use this serious issue to illicit some sort of response because no publicity is bad publicity. Either way still leads to him being a self-minded, selfish, abhorrent and ironically incredibly close minded human being. Really you can’t see past your own turned up nose? Without meaning to sound too harsh or over the top both you and the tab should be genuinely very ashamed of this trash.

  • Jayne101

    Just. . .wow. . .you are the worst kind of person. There is nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said, but if more people were like you we would still have no marriage equality, blacks would still be slaves and women wouldn’t be able to vote.

    You are the worst kind of person and people deserve better.

  • Chris Johnston

    Don’t tell me what to do.

  • secundine

    oh fuck off, you ungrateful twit. go showcase your victim complex somewhere else. the rest of us are busy changing the world.

  • mrs_counter

    Read this – it’s a much better article and it says why it’s actually a good thing. I’m so glad to see all the comments deriding this drivel.

  • K & D

    Gay-marriage and LGBTQ support isn’t just political, it’s also social! Everyone changing their pictures, showing the world, their friends, the haters that we all stand for the “different” people, does a lot! It might not change everyone, but it is slighly changing people’s opinions towards gay marriage and LGBTQ! A trend or not, if it helps then why not?

  • Jennifer

    Where were the straight allies in the 80’s? Considering the tab is aimed at students, I’d presume I was still swimming in my fathers balls mate, sorry I couldn’t get up earlier to lobby the Government. Going to a few pride parades doesn’t allow to to speak on behalf of the whole LBGTA* community.

  • Brodie Taylor

    Any decent person, LGBTI or otherwise, wants
    to celebrate marriage equality because it’s a historical victory not
    just for the LGBTI community but for humanity as a whole. And gay
    people, just like straight people, can be guilty of Facebook slactivism –
    I have plenty of LGBTI friends who haven’t attended a single rally for
    same-sex marriage since the campaign started (unlike me, a “breeder” who has been attending the rallies for years). Does this mean they aren’t
    “allowed” to change their profile pictures either? This author reeks of
    hipster “I used rainbow filters before they were mainstream” elitism. That chip on your shoulder seems to be that LGBTI rights are – god forbid – popular now, what is the alternative, for “breeders” to instead become raging homophobes because they don’t fit into your narrow categorization of who is “allowed” to support LGBTI? Fuck that, the more people who support the LGBTI struggle the better, even if it’s through the small and individualistic act of changing their profile picture.

  • Joel Sassone

    Holy fuckballs, this is a stupid article, for so many different obvious reasons.

  • Linda

    As the mother of a gay child and the sister of a gay man, I am deeply offended by your condescending comments. I have stood by and fought for my family and my LGBT friends for decades. Don’t think that because YOU thrive on martyrdom and the arrogance of “it’s about ME, not you!” that it means everyone else does.

    I held and sobbed with my daughter as she revealed her scarred arms from cutting; I fought for her when the school principal and cop told her to “get over” the harassment by an elite athlete; her brothers standing up to young men who wanted to “make her straight”…

    And my brother… Married his partner of 35 years. Such a strong, brave man who wouldn’t have the audacity to discount the support he received from his parents in the 60s and 70s, before it was “cool” (your words.)

    So fuck you.

    • Luke Anthony David Scotney

      You, are a remarkable human being! What you did for your daughter and raising her brothers to stand up to bigots like that. The world needs more of you Linda :)

      • Linda

        Thank you. I did what most mothers would do. :)

        • Ash

          You’d be surprised. You’re rarer than you think.

          • smiavs

            I think her saying that she did what most mothers would do is accurate. There’s a difference between breeding and parenting. The latter involves that whole unconditional love thing. If a parent’s not practicing that, they aren’t much of a parent.

          • Linda

            Thank you… Although that makes me sad. I can’t imagine how a parent can turn away from their own child…

        • Lorien Shannon

          Nope! You did what GREAT mothers do. Thank you.

          • Linda

            Aww… Thank you!

    • Shauna France Boggs

      Thank you Linda for speaking up as a parent! You kept yourself together and were very eloquent. The only thing my brain was able to muster was a big FUCK YOU to the asshole that wrote this.

      • Linda

        Thank you. :) I DID get a “fuck you” in at the bottom.

    • krystina

      Thats exactly what i said. Some people who support are just supporters who believe in equality. Some are affected directly whether it be they are lgbt or are relatednor close to someone who is. This article is complete bullshit. I hate how its qritten as ifnits speaking for thebwhole lgbt community. Im not personally affected by it but i know many people who are. And i support this change 100%. Regardless of what ignortant people like this have to say

  • Christopher Yeo

    Way to create an ‘us and them’ situation out of what appears to be your own hangups. Equal rights is a victory for all of us. Not just you and your friends. People fight for equality in day to day sentiments and actions – through educating people and through objection of bigotry and support of universal human connection on a daily basis. Equal Rights represents sexual and emotional freedom for all. There is nothing to say that you aren’t the prejudiced one here with this kind of thoughtless attitude. Don’t fish for negatives and taint such a highly positive time in our human history with your dogmatic resentment of people who just want to show that they care, many of whom may have been too shy to do so prior to the Equal Rights ruling. Show some compassion.

  • Jeanette Lamb

    26,000,000 showed their support and all you can do is bitch about it?
    That’s more than the population of my own country, Australia.
    Those sorts of numbers count, it may just make our own politicians sit up and notice that the world is changing, and it’s about time we change too.

  • Bonnie Ward

    you are seriously in need of a major fucking attitude adjustment …. NOBODY gets there alone …. NO BODY … and without Allies the fucking asshat Christianists would still be ruling the roost …

    the fact that so many straight people actually give a flying rats ass about this IS important ……. and it IS what should happen …

    the fact that you don’t see that just shows you are as narrow-minded and selfish as Justice Thomas and as much of a dipstick as Scalia ……

    you should be happy that SO many people are happy about the decision and SO many people want to celebrate and show the other side that they are wrong, that people do care, and people do want this to be the law of the land ….

    you really are a moron …. someone earlier called you a wanker — frankly I don’t give you that much credit …

    just who the fuck is supposed to be “accepting” and treat LGBTQ with equality?? striaght fucking people you idiot ……

    oh gosh I can’t — you just make me want to shake you

  • Brandon Osborn

    Little black fucking cloud of a tosser, aren’t you? Please do the world a favor and go set yourself on fire – I’m sure we’ll all watch the video footage, and then forget you.

  • Nicole Wevers

    Wow, someone got out of bed on the wrong side this morning! To all other people commenting: don’t worry, most of us straight allies can recognise a misery guts when we see one, and won’t stop being allies just because of one grumpy sod. Or a lot of grumpy sods, actually. You get my support whether you want it or not Charles. It’s not conditional. If you don’t like me changing my profile picture that’s tough, I wanted to show my visible support to my American LGBTQ+ friends because of the Supreme Court decision, and my UK LGBTQ+ friends for Pride weekend, and yes, I wanted to support even you. Doesn’t mean I don’t support you all at other times in different ways. I do, but even if I didn’t it is still showing the bigots out there that there are a hell of a lot of people out there openly on your side. Whether you like it or not.

  • Jay Bee

    Wow. Tell you what then, I’ll just be straight and not help stand up for equality… If this is how you are targeting the awareness brought to the battle by your alies then you clearly do not need any help. So I won’t vote yes when we get the chance… that doesn’t mean I’ll vote no, I just won’t vote either way if this is how you feel about support. No wait, this has not and never will be about you or homosexuality, it’s about equality for all mankind. I have the right to support equality on all fronts. So hey, fuck you.

  • ErnestSewell

    What a stupid article. Civil rights is everyone’s fight. You don’t speak for the LGBTQ community, especially this grown-ass gay man. It’s cute you’re trying to be edgy, and get some attention, but you really just look like a douche.

  • Tim Whitehouse

    I used to like gay people but after reading this I’ve realised I actually hate them all. Sorry if I was nice to any of you in the past, it must have been confusing.

  • Alyson Albasi

    Or, you’re just a cynical jerk who can’t possibly imagine that allies are actually an active part of the cause. I didn’t just learn about marriage equality this past week. I’ve been actively supporting and working toward equality in my life, community, and world for the past decade. I changed my profile picture as a celebration of a very major victory for human rights, and you aren’t going to shame me into regretting that decision. Yes, I will change it in a few days, and that also doesn’t say anything about my commitment to equal rights. Get a grip.

    If you don’t want my support, that’s fine, but many of my bi, gay, and trans friends are happy to have me on the right side of this and I’ll continue to do what I can to work towards equal rights for everyone, whether you like it or not!

  • Erin

    Four points:
    1. Allies doing this provides cover for queer people who are not out to do the same.
    2. I agree that allies shouldn’t get more credit for things than actual LGBTQIA people.
    3. Doesn’t mean they shouldn’t do anything, even something as innocuous as this.
    4. Dear God, never use “breeders” ever again, since not everyone who has biological children is straight and cis. Sincerely, bi, pan, and trans people.

  • Carol Nefedow

    Charles, you’re a pompous a**hole. Maybe I just like rainbows. Maybe I am supporting a couple of friends or a relative. Maybe I am gay. The reason why I am doing it is to show support. The only one who fails to grasp this is you.

  • Caleb McCoy

    “Gay pride or LGBT pride is the positive stance against discrimination and violence toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people to promote their self-affirmation, dignity, equality rights, increase their visibility as a social group, build community, and celebrate sexual diversity and gender variance.” The rainbow filter on Facebook shows us that we are not alone in our hopes that one day the world will see the lgbt community as we really are. A group of people who deserve the same respect as everyone else. This world maybe filled with racism, poverty, and hate; but every small step towards equality nurtures the idea of peace and prosperity. One person changing their profile picture doesn’t do much, but when millions of people do it…then we see that we are not alone and that maybe one day…we can all be together.

  • ZigZagging

    I don’t think this guy realizes that, while insignificant in comparison to what homosexuals themselves face, coming out in support of gay rights can take courage for straight people, too. I come from a Christian fundamentalist family, and my sister and father are refusing to answer my calls, apparently because I put a rainbow profile pic up. I found this site because I was looking to see if this had happened to anyone else. It’s quite disheartening to read something like this; its like I’m getting slapped from both sides for showing support.

    • Tony Bannister

      Not both sides really – Charles White is one man; he speaks for himself only, not for the gay community. This much is obvious from the reaction to his hateful, ignorant article. Going by the reactions here in the comments, and speaking for myself as a gay man, I think it’s fair to say the gay community is glad to have people like you as allies.

    • Lorien Shannon

      Definitely not both sides. This lady gay thanks you from the bottom of my heart. Blacks need whites fighting with them, women need men fighting with them, and us gays need straight people, like you fighting with us. I’m sorry you’re family doesn’t the see the beauty in your heart.

  • Peter Collings

    It’s great to see the comments here disagreeing with Charles, from both the lgbt and straight communities, and pointing out everything that was wrong and small-minded about his article.

    However, I doubt he cares, as he has probably masturbated himself into a coma at the number of people who are acknowledging his existence. Attention-seeking twat.

  • LinkToTheInternet

    People like you are what turn Ally’s into bigots.

  • Jason Caryl

    Dear Charles,

    As a hetero 40-something native American male. ….no scratch that. ….

    Dear Charles,

    As a human being with a rainbow colored profile pic which in a few days or weeks will be replaced by another pic of something i feel inspired to share i just want to say this….

    Those who are celebrating this historic moment in time will, as your stated, replace their rainbow colored profile pics after a few days but it won’t be because they mean any disrespect to anyone or they forgot what 6/26 means. They will change their pics because a profile pic changes to reflect what’s happening in the now. …..a special occasion, vaca pic, reunion, marriage, new baby, new car, favorite dingaling….you get my point.

    Mother’s day comes but once a year and we all send a special something on that one day but it doesn’t mean that we forget our mothers for the rest of the year.

    I am an outspoken activist on the environment too and when earth day comes around or when something significant happens my profile temporarily reflects that but it doesn’t stay there because OTHER THINGS ARE IMPORTANT TOO.

    Your fight ain’t the only fight going on bro. Your issue isn’t the only one this world faces.
    I love ya bro. I hate your attitude but i accept your right to have it.

    Just remember, this world ain’t static and neither is my profile pic.

  • Luke Anthony David Scotney

    Mate, you come across sour and I can only assume it’s because you been trying to hit on guys with supportive pictures and getting turned down, that’s how it comes across.
    And my straight friends have the rainbow flag and I think it’s awesome I like seeing how colourful Facebook got. When I changed mine to the rainbow one it was an eye roll because I got loads of likes so it was just a pssh moment.
    Let people suppose the movement, they most certainly aren’t AGAINST us by clicking the facebook celebrate pride link!

  • LinkToTheInternet

    Why are you always straight hating? Did you fall head-over-heals in love with some straight boy who shot you down and traumatized you? Is that why you hate straight people? AN ALLY IS AN ALLY. Whether they step to the front of the picket lines and physically fight for the cause, or just change their profile pic and/or share messages of equality, they’re still an Ally.. The ONLY thing you are going to accomplish is setting the movement back by getting allies to tell us to fuck off… you’re the one who should do the fucking off..

    • Angee

      I would hope that one gay dude being a prick wouldn’t be enough to make an ally change their mind and tell lgbtq people to “fuck off”, though, lol. That would be some VERY flawed reasoning. “This one guy in this HUGE group is a jerk, so fuck the WHOLE group!”

      • LinkToTheInternet

        That would be true if he was just one man and people were perfectly reasonable all the time. He isn’t the only one writing this crap. It’s all over the place. I saw one earlier that was bashing straight teens for going to gay pride. Since people in general aren’t reasonable creatures and often let the actions of one taint the group as a whole, this kind of thing does offend, and make *some* rethink their positions.

        • Kris Dow

          That’s so dumb. I mean, there is an issue of fetishization of LBGT+ people to be aware of as a background issue, but in general, you know who LBGT+ teens have as friends? NOT JUST OTHER LBGT+ teens! Why the hell shouldn’t straight teens go to Pride events with their friends? Or go without their friends to show their support – because maybe someone they meet there will be someone they know who didn’t realize that there was someone at school it was safe to talk to about LBGT+ stuff? Or just to add bodies to the movement that says ‘this is an okay way to be.’

  • IsaakButler

    Honestly this entire article smacks of a worrisome level of bitterness and well that isn’t good enough because everything is not perfectly queer right this second. I live in the states and the fact that this marriage equality edict even passed is bloody amazing! Yes there is a long way to go but you know what? This is just one more step in the right direction and who are you to take a steaming shite on progress because you don’t have queer bloody central 24/7. Allies are important whether you think they are or not. Thousands of people who are not under the lgbtq banner were happy for their FRIENDS AND FAMILY who are under that. So they can now marry the ones they love. So take your shite judgement and quit being a bloody tosser.

  • Eshto

    A clickbait dramablogger.

    Calling other things slacktivism.

    Self awareness = ZERO.

  • Jamie Johnson

    As a “straight” woman who has been side by side by all my gay friends for decades and been a first-hand witness to what you DO go through, I think you lumping “all” straight people into a single category and that “WE” should not use the rainbow filter is pretty presumptive. Are some using it as a feel-good moment? Probably. But to say that everyone is and will forget it, is pretty ridiculous. I spent the whole day posting a LOT of rainbow-related pics. I do that throughout the year. I have spent a lot of time advocating for gay rights. Maybe let’s try to judge those who are using it by their body of works and not a one-day thing.

  • Brittany

    You’re an asshole.

  • Retired USMC

    So, what you’re saying, here, is that I shouldn’t celebrate the equality of rights that I fought for while an Active Duty United States Marine because… I’m straight? We’re stronger when we’re together, and separating us based on some nonsensical orientation is just as bad as prohibiting homosexual couples from being allowed to marry in the first place. Hypocrite much?

  • Casey La Pila

    Can it, child. Nobody could write and believe this supercilious tripe and not come from a position of such extraordinary privilege that they’re afforded the luxury of selecting or refusing support based on such narrow and baseless criteria.

    You know what I see when I see our straight allies painting their photos in rainbow? Support. Friends that’re willing to forego other friendships in a show of solidarity. And some of my straight friends have lost ties to their families, loved ones, cherished friends because they openly support and celebrate equality. They’ve sacrificed that comfortable-if-dishonest silence and stirred the pot even in their own households just so folks in the LGBTQA+ community know they’re not alone. “You’re people, just like us.” THAT’s the message sent when a straight ally uses the photo filter.

    And what of our straight allies in countries where doing so is a risk to their very lives? India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia? They’re risking more than you, more than me. You took a snotty little dump on the support from those whose very lives are at stake for doing so… why? And what of those who live in relatively safer countries whose ancestry is riddled with the very same type of persecution? What of black and Latino straight allies, who’ve known every bit the history of hatred we have? What of Jewish allies?

    This article and the attitude behind it are detrimental to the struggle. You’re the drug store “Goth” pointing at everyone else and screaming “poser!” Useless, and insulting on a staggering level to anyone who’s risking more than you can possibly understand. I’m simultaneously glad you’re in such a position of safety that you can afford to dismiss the overwhelming show of love from people – straight or no – and frustrated you’re so sheltered that you don’t see how terrible this article and your sentiments really are. You detract from a beautiful thing.

    I’m grateful to my friends, family, and everyone who’s shown support, straight or gay or transgender or anywhere along the spectrum. You can go, though. Just go.

    • Aaron Dickens

      Very well put. Thank you for this.

      • Kat Wolfdancer

        Casey you did a fine job of writing my thoughts :)

        If Mr White’s sole purpose was to generate interest in Tab, I believe it backfired. Myself, I won’t be checking in on this Magazine if the Editor is so dismissive of Straight Allies (and THANKS for the *breeder* tag there Mr White, I guess you knew I lost my child at birth? Thanks for rubbing that in. Nice ! You’re going to invent new epithets to demean people? )

        Generalizations hurt us as humans.

    • Wendy Alexander

      Perfectly said!

  • Chris

    The single dumbest thing I’ve ever read on the internet. Congratulations!!! It’s sure hard to beat the wingnuts, but you managed it.

  • Straight Soldier

    When I joined the army, I swore to defend the people and the constitution of the united states from all enemies both foreign and domestic. While I may or may not agree with it, I will never stop defending your right to do it. You’ll need to take my rainbow filter off of my profile picture from my cold dead hands next to my American Flag, .45 revolver and bottle of whiskey.

  • Oliver

    You are a sad individual.

  • Tall Tony

    So in a world where more bullies and trolls hide online – a hetero person showing their allied status to us in the gay community by changing their photo to one with a rainbow filter is a “bad thing”… Um, okay… sounds totally legit. Oh no, never mind. It doesn’t.

  • Rich

    Well done, you got some views on your pile of shite of an article. Do you think this will help you get your dream job at Buzzfeed? You’re an absolute pleb if you think the gay rights movement doesn’t need the support of straight people and you’re a disgrase for trying to represent LGBTs with these views. And calling straight people “breeders” is purely offensive.

  • Helen Pluckrose

    Some straight people support LGBT rights without making it the focus of their lives. Get over it.

    It’s not slacktivism because its not intended to be activism. It’s just a visible sign of support. Attitudes change because people see attitudes change. If you don’t want anyone to express support for LGBT equality unless they dedicate their lives to it, it will look as tho only activists care.

    I don’t need men to dedicate their lives to women’s issues – just to treat me like an equal and do so visibly. I don’t need people to dedicate their lives to overcoming stigma related to epilepsy and mental illness – just treat me like an equal and do so visibly.

    But you don’t know what you want people to do, do you? After ranting that people aren’t dedicating their lives to LGBT rights, you then complain that they’re doing anything at all because it appropriates pride.

    You do your thing and I’ll do mine. Mine is mostly to do with mental health, women in danger of FGM, honour crime and forced marriage, abandoned dogs and inadequate resources for disabled elderly people in their own homes. Share any of my posts on that and I’ll just say ‘Thanks!’ Try that.

    This is just one long whinge.

    • Trialia

      Re. your penultimate paragraph – I feel a bit uncomfy saying it as you clearly do care about the things you fight for, but please consider that elderly people aren’t the only ones affected by the inadequate home care resources you mention here?

      I’m 29, a full-time wheelchair user, I have agency carers who visit me at home to help with my personal care & food & medication, and that care is profoundly inadequate and will continue to be so as the present government cut resources for disabled people to the bone.

      Most charities that help disabled people directly do so only for people under 25 or over 50, so those of us between 26 and 49 fall between the gaps and it can often feel like nobody cares at all.

      That care system isn’t just for older people. I want to live my life… but I have to be home before 8.30 every night and can’t go out before 10am, I can only shower twice a week whatever the weather, I can’t dress or undress without help… and I can’t do anything that requires a carer for more than the 80 minutes a day that I get. They can’t come out with me because I’ve no funds to pay for that. There are so many things I’m limited from doing because of a lack of care.

      Please think about younger adults when you’re doing your campaigning for better home care system, and include us in that fight. Otherwise we’ll all end up stuck in residential care in the end – and I’d rather die than lose my independence to that degree.

      Thank you, anyway.

      • Helen Pluckrose

        Oh, I am well aware, Trialia. Before working with elderly people, I worked with younger disabled people and found that whilst care homes were much better funded for younger people, home care services were equally poor. However, I am qualified in assessing the needs of dementia sufferers as well as those with mental illness, and so my energies tend to go towards what I know. I will, of course, support all efforts to help younger disabled people.

  • Nat Grafton

    boycotting this website bc of this article. this is ridiculous and offensive. im saying this as a queer person and a gender queer person.

  • woad2112

    I think that is utter crap (what the author stated). People putting up now are showing thier support and celebrating with us with this ruling. I think that is awesome. I also think that the reason we got this far is by everyone doing this, people actually saw, visually, how many people are either in the LGBTQ community or have a friend or loved one that is in the community and that really help to poster political support. If it were only people in the community showing the flag and out at protests, writing their elected officials, etc…we would still be back at square one and it would probably be illegal to be LGBTQ…

  • Disgusted.

    This is one of the most ridiculous and outright stupid articles I have read. It’s like you’re just trying to take away any support people have. Yeah, people may change their pictures after a while, but you don’t need to keep it on forever to show your unfaltering support for the LGBT community, the statement is simple. Every single one of your articles hurts the LGBT community to such a significant extent. As a gay man myself, I find your articles both repulsive and unnecessary. To put it frankly, it’s childish. You’re trying to make controversial statements in order to generate attention to yourself. Please grow up. It’s almost as if you want the divide between homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, and every other sexual identity to continue indefinitely. Yes, a Facebook picture isn’t going to change the world, and much more needs to be done, but the celebration of this stepping stone should not be diminished as it shows the progress that has been made and the gateway towards greater achievements. So instead of being an all around twat, can you shut up for once and let people who actually want the world to be a better place make it that?

  • ursaminorjim

    Ah, youth.

    • ursaminorjim

      “But when we fought Section 28 in the 1980s, which banned a teacher talking about homosexuality at the height of the AIDS pandemic, we didn’t need you. We fought it on our own terms without Facebook filters.”

      Comedy gold.

  • vicden

    What a load of crap.

  • Jim Longo

    What a waste of bandwidth.

    • LauraAkers


  • David Berry

    Honestly one of the dumbest articles I’ve read in a long while.

  • Steven J Button

    Wow. You might have a point if I hadn’t been relentlessly defending same sex marriage and arguing with religious bigots for years on social media and other internet forums. People like your straight allies have helped turn the tide for you. We’ve helped alter public opinion by offering voices of reason and helping to batter holes in the argument against sexual orientation discrimination. I’m sorry if our efforts upset you, even if the only means we have to help is making our presence known on social media. Go have a drink and calm the hell down. Celebrate victories of social justice, don’t gripe about this.

  • Dan Livermore

    Fuck Off

    -A “Breeder” Ally

  • Leigh Maupin

    Wow. Just, wow. I will keep my rainbow filter and you can kiss my straight butt. I have several friends who are gay, friends that I love and genuinely celebrated with that they were finally recognized like I was as a human being with feelings. I’m not a fair weather ally, nor is this a fad to me. It’s a major, history changing event in our country that I am beyond excited to witness and overjoyed for my loved ones. In sorry your life sucks so badly you think People who aren’t gay aren’t allowed to celebrate with you.

  • Dry Town

    You know, I totally hesitated to put the rainbow filter on my profile pic. As much as I support marriage equality (and the fair treatment of everyone, no matter what), it’s just not my fight. I didn’t want my profile to overshadow the profiles from those of my closest friends who’ve been waiting for this celebration their whole lives. But then, my human heart (which you appear to lack) told me that this is great; this is momentous; i want the whole FB world to know that I’m on board with this fantastic win for my LGBT friends.

    You’re a fucking ass. Stop whining and bitching.

  • Crissaegrim

    Yeah – who gives a fuck what you think, Charles?

  • biromantic ace here


  • Morgan Dominy

    This article is bad and you should feel bad.

  • Zepharius

    Screw that noise. I hate all of these stupid ass ‘anti-ally’ people. Seriously. Without allies we wouldn’t have ANY rights, fucktards.

    You are a disgrace to the LGBT+ community and I don’t want you writing for us.

  • Tess Stanley-Hannah

    I have two words for this article….BULL and SHITE.

  • Martin Baker

    Having realised the age of the author of this article, this part of the bilge above made me laugh:

    “when we fought Section 28 in the 1980s, which banned a teacher talking about homosexuality at the height of the AIDS pandemic, we didn’t need you. We fought it on our own terms …”

    Section 28 came in during 1988 and the major demonstrations against it were during that year. So that was 27 years ago. By the looks of it, the author probably wasn’t even born at the time those demonstrations took place, let alone at those demos. If he had been there, he would be aware of the unions that were present to protest against the new laws that significantly affected those in professions such as teaching.

    So straight people aren’t allowed to claim any credit for advancement in gay rights … yet the author is allowed to claim credit for a Section 28 march in the 1980s he won’t have been on himself (yet a number of straight people were!)

  • Darla

    You’re full of crap! My gay family and friends know how I’ve been an advocate for them and others and will continue to be long after my rainbow picture comes down, as my personal actions and FB page shows daily! If my son comes home with a boyfriend, both will be welcomed and if he chooses to marry another man we will excitedly plan the wedding; just as I hope to some day help in planning the wedding of my favorite and greatly loved niece to the woman she loves! So STFU!

  • Respect For Al

    Everybody has too respect others opinion. No matter how stupid, ignorant, retarded, makes no godamn sense, fucking idiotic, just straight up retarstupignoidiothisfuckingarticle is so godamn stupid.

  • Marisa

    This should have been titled, “How to Show the World You Have A Stick Up Your Ass, Step One”. People are happy about a positive change in the world! Yes, we need more hard core support, and serious allies, but I’m not going to shun people for showing a positive reaction to a very big accomplishment.

  • Mairi-Christine Summers

    Since when has showing support been a bad thing ?
    Honestly – this article is the worst kind of sanctimonious , patronising and insulting nonsense.

  • IvaW

    FFS! I wish i could un-read this nonsense.

  • Scott Dwyer

    You sound like a spoiled brat that had their favourite toy taken away, where your toy is perceived exclusive control over the fight or support for equal rights. I think what you don’t understand is that not everyone has to actively lobby to support an idea. When people change their profile pictures, are you going to bitch about how these people no longer support LGBT rights? Stop being such a miserable douche, and be happy that so many people support such an important cause.

  • PeoplePlease

    Wow, I guess all i can say is fuck off. I’m a straight 40 year old woman married to a straight man with two children who also appear to be straight. And, I had a rainbow equality sign up on Friday. After the teary phone all from my older sister who is a lesbian and who was full of emotion because our government actually recognized her right to exist as an equal human being with civil rights and everything. I’ve fought for gay rights as an ally since I was literally like 8 years old, and, damn right, I was going to fly that rainbow flag, just like I flew it in college along with my little pink PFLAG, to let people know I was an ally and didn’t believe in discrimination. I spent my time in law school, almost 20 years ago, helping a professor who eventually worked on some of the amicus briefs for this decision, as an RA working on different approaches for arguments for civil rights for this community you say I can’t possibly understand. How miserable you must be if you think that as a straight person I have no right to share in pride. I’ve been proud of my sister since before I even fully understand what the hell she did with women to have sex with them (I’m considerably younger than she is) and I’ll be proud of her till the day I die.

  • Alex Summers

    I’m gay, and honestly, it shows support, which is more than I can say about a lot of people. And in a small town, seeing my friends and family show their support; I got a little teary eyed. I woke up to being surrounded by the very symbol I feared displaying.

    So no, this article is trash. Written by someone claims to have struggled, but had they, they would have been thankful to what I saw happen across facebook and other social media. A great awakening of equal rights that was long overdue.

    BTW, I hope you got these peoples permission or used stock, before you hijacked their photos for your own sanctimonious perspective? I think I’ll google image search them all and make sure. Be a shame for a Editor to violate ethical standards.

  • Tony Bannister

    What a bitter, backward, ignorant article. For a start, it’s not slacktivism: the pride movement is all about changing cultural attitudes towards LGBTQ+ people, and the rainbow profile photo meme is a signifier of exactly that. It’s like an online pride parade of sorts. Charles White would like us to reject the support of the very people whose minds the LGBTQ+ community have sought to change, which is just absurdly counter-productive. By doing so, he’s saying he would rather wallow in the old gay shame days and carry on feeling like an oppressed outsider than see the Pride ethos become mainstream and allow straight people to show their support.

    His central premise is deeply flawed. Does he really think that our straight allies will stop caring about equality when they change their profile photos back? That’s just a weird, deluded argument to make. By that logic, people who take part in a pride parade stop caring about equality when they go home? What a joke.

    Straight people applying a rainbow filter to their Facebook profile photo is far more supportive of LGBTQ+ equality than this article is. Shame on you Charles White.

  • R Daneel Olivaw

    Right, because you don’t really need allies and it doesn’t make anyone feel better knowing that there are millions of people who support them. Straight people should just get back in closet, how dare them come out as allies! We know they don’t mean it, they’re straight for fucks sake!
    What a sorry article

    • Tony Bannister

      He doesn’t need allies, which is just as well, because he won’t have any now.

  • AC Bergen

    I’m an ally 24/7, 365. The fact that I’m straight, and will inevitably change my profile picture shouldn’t take away from the fact that I fight bigotry at every opportunity. The author of this piece of crap can fuck off with these idiotic and insulting opinions.

  • Sinny

    Look, another snow flake in the LGBT community.
    Historically a fight was never won by a minority group alone. Melcome X, Martin Luther King, and Sammy Davis Jr were heard by the majorities who felt the need to help in the cause of the civil rights movements in the 60’s. They may never know the struggles you face but they will sympathize with you. So whether it’s a march/post/picture of support/gofundme/a middle finger to someones dad for civil rights, animal rights, gay rights, etc. People are going to show support for a cause they think is just. Might as well start writing apology letters now.

  • Di Kelley

    Your attitude, sir, as woman that is questioning her own gender preferences due to falling in love with a transgender man. [I consider him entirely male, mind you, but physical is physical, and attraction tends to be based mainly on physical attributes, whereas love knows no such boundaries.] offends me a great deal. I was raised to believe that every human being was worthy of respect and fair treatment no matter their sexuality, gender, or walk of life. I have done many things in an attempt to educate people on the struggles that the LGBTQ+ community faces because several of the people I care most about are members of said community, and to have those efforts mocked because I do not happen to be a member of that community myself enrages me to no end.

    I do not have to be a member of it to care. And I am not going to stop caring just because I am not.

  • Nic

    I’d be interested to see photos of Charles at his protests and demonstrations. Perhaps delivering a petition to Downing Street?

  • Aeon

    You know what? Fuck off. Either you want allies or not. Make up your fucking mind.

  • moxiemom

    You and your opinion are a huge waste of time. Crawl back into the hole you came out of.

  • Stephen Madill

    Actually I don’t think you can, without knowing the people involved, fully appreciate the effort they make; just as straight people can’t fully appreciate your struggle. You seem to assume that people adopting a rainbow pic, twibbon or whatever are doing nothing else to support LGBTQ rights and that is, frankly presumptuous. They may well be, no, I know many of them are, doing much more in support of your struggle. But they may also take time to support other people’s struggles by lending support to a time-limited, focused campaign. It seems to me daft to reject, on a blanket basis, the support of millions of people around the world by assuming that it is tokenistic. Why would you do that?
    In solidarity,
    Stephen, Edinburgh

  • Kitty Silkiton

    Are you serious? Who keeps their profile pic the same forever? Stfu and quit your whining.

  • April Parr

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is what you call “eating your allies”. Hopefully no one looks at this and thinks it’s the the general consensus of the LGBT community.

  • Holly Baby Catkiss

    Shut the fuck up. If it wasn’t for us straight allies you still be in the closet. Be grateful we stand behind you.

  • Melody Felicia-Baril McGinn

    I kinda find it tacky myself… But anyone can celebrate anything they want in any way they want…. Maybe they’re thinking of a gay loved one that it actually effects… maybe they are celebrating the fact that we have a new liberty regardless of their orientation.. maybe it helped restore a little faith in america for some people… I knew it was only a matter of time before some morally elite, authoritarian SJW pulled this crap. Im just surprised it wasnt a raging radical 3rd wave feminist.

  • Marian Figley

    Well aren’t you a special goddamn fucking snowflake. My daughter is gay, I’ve stood beside her every step of the way. I will continue to stand beside her, and celebrate the victories in our society that allow her to live with the rights we ALL should share. This isn’t a fucking fair weather thing for me, you sanctimonious butthead. This is my DAUGHTER. So fuck you. And have a fucking rainbow day, sunshine.

  • April A. Taylor

    I’m gay, and I completely disagree with this article. Without support from straight people, we wouldn’t have actually won the legal right to get married in the U.S. I applaud all of our allies, and I embrace their decision to celebrate with us, both in real life and on Facebook.

  • Caitlin Heard

    Just because u can’t tell what my orientation is, I can’t have a rainbow on my profile? While I identify most closely as bisexual, I happen to be in a relationship with a man right now. No matter that I was the first openly bisexual girl in my high school class, or that I have been a member of TSA since I was 16. But forgetting me–Never mind the calls and surveys and polls Many have worked for candidates that support the LGBTQ cause. Or the debates we’ve had, or the friends we’ve lost and horrible things said to us over the years..even as ‘allies’.. We haven’t earned it because we aren’t gay enough?

  • Edie the Egg Lady

    For goodness sake, it’s no different than congratulating some stranger in the street and showing support! I can tell you in a few days my rainbow profile pic will disappear as well just like the Je Suis Charlie profile pic.

  • Jess

    You are unbelievably hostile to what I have seen as a sincere gesture of
    goodwill. I just do not understand where your hate comes from and I
    think that it is very sad. These profile pictures mean a lot to some
    people. Logging in to Facebook over the next day or two past the
    announcement of the SCOTUS decision, I was overwhelmed by the amount of
    visible support that I could see – some of it from people I had never
    expected. It warmed my heart and made me feel like I could be loved and
    accepted. I know that at least one friend (a straight ally) was kicked
    out of her leadership role and then kicked out of her church due to her
    Facebook profile picture with the gay pride flag and her subsequent
    absolute refusal to remove it when her pastor demanded it. I am so grateful that she had the courage and integrity to hold her ground. What you dismiss as a slacktivist trend actually carries real-world consequences for some people. I think all the rainbows are beautiful and I welcome all straight friends who put them on with me!

  • caroleeena

    “Breeders”? You are a bigot. Thanks for proving it. I celebrated a milestone that happened on a day that will be remembered throughout our nation’s history. Just because that monumental day has passed doesn’t mean I will stop working for equality for all people. You clearly have a very shallow intellect. Not uncommon in bigots.

    a straight ally who has not and will never breed and who finds the term sexist and offensive.

  • MoonByte

    By your logic, nobody should give a single fuck about AIDS if not having it.
    By your logic, nobody should give a single fuck about racism, if not being black/latino/asian.
    By your logic, nobody (including a GREAT deal of LGB+) should not give a single fuck about transphobism, if they are cis-gendered.
    By your logic, nobody should give a single fuck about anything that they’re not part of.

    This isn’t their fight? It were my heterosexual cis-mom and sister that stood behind me when neighbors and family pointed fingers at me. It was my heterosexual cis-boss that accepted and introduced me to my co-workers with full support. It was my heterosexual cis-classmate that took one look at me and then just gave me a friendly slap on the shoulder, understanding and accepting everything that I had been.
    These people that you insult as “breeders” are what has made me strong and proud, I didn’t even know a single person from LGBT+ until I was 16, if I don’t count myself.

    YOU, sir, YOU are the one that forgets a awful lot, who has no respect for the cause and who doesn’t understand what the fricking RAINBOW means. Believe it or not, but the rainbow holds all colors – inculding those on the heterosexual flag. If you have time to write such a long text of bullshit, then maybe spend that time on thinking of all the heterosexual mothers, fathers, siblings and friends of yours and of every single LGBT+ person that you insulted and that did more then just change an icon to help this cause. And with more then just an article on Tab.

  • Caitie Graham

    I used the rainbow filter because I have a gay brother, and gay friends so close they should be my siblings. I used it to show them my support, just in the same way I spend hours of my life arguing against bigots that homosexuality is natural and that people deserve the same rights regardless of gender identity and sexuality.

    And I don’t know when I’ll end up changing my profile picture and lose the rainbow filter, I’ve been using the same one for over a year now.

    So how about you stop being a sanctimonious cunt – you don’t have to be grateful for anything at all, but I won’t accept your judgemental bullshit for being an ally to people in my life just because you’re gay and I’m straight.

  • E.F. Coleman

    we wished you did hold your breath for 24 hours.

  • sandy

    Wow the author of this article is spiteful.

  • Jason McDaid

    Who the hell do you think you are, trolling your way through this major step forward for human rights and equality, only to attempt to send us back into the fire of judgement and subordination?!? Get the fuck over yourself and your apparently huge shitpile of self-pity and generalized resentment for anyone who hasn’t been down the same path as you. Thanks a fucking lot for your pathetic decision to attempt to undermine everything the rest of us have worked for and for wrongly judging those out there who, though not within what you perceive to be the sacred LGBTQ spectrum, stand with us as equals and advocates for our and everyone else’s rights. You epitomize the definition of douchebag.

  • Michael Douglas Cosgrove

    Well looking at the pictures you choose…none of those kids were either alive or old enough in the 80’s to lend a hand.

    You’re a bitter person.

  • Robert Hakes

    This story would mean so much more if I didn’t know members of the LGBTQI community who also changed their profile pic with this filter, and that none of them got mad at me for doing it to my own.

    It would also mean more if you weren’t an idiot.

  • cablefreak

    “We’ll see in 30 years time if your daughter comes home with her girlfriend. Then we’ll see how much your rainbow flag profile picture meant.”

    How about 2 years ago, when my daughter came home with her trans boyfriend? Or how after they broke up, her girlfriend? She’s the child of a filthy “breeder”, you self important twat. My daughter and everyone like her need the support of the straight and the queer community in order to further her rights. Take your pitiful whining and shove it up your ass.

    • BaguetteDuSorcier

      This to me is one of the strangest parts of the article. Why on earth would the author assume that a person who would want to celebrate the recent SCOTUS ruling with the new rainbow profile picture would have any problem with their child coming out to them? I genuinely can’t think of how those two groups (intolerant future parents and rainbow-profile-picture-having Facebook users) would ever overlap.

  • AgnosticFront87

    How about you worry about your own life (If you have one)…No one cares what the fuck you think.

  • Caitlin Pomegranate Wilkinson

    Well aren’t you the most pessimistic downer I’ve ever had the bad fortune of reading. Good lord, if people want to show their support however little or large they should be able to. That’s called real equality and freedom. You can’t dictate to people what to do. Besides, the rainbow pics are a great idea, a celebration of something that has been a long time coming, a long time fought for. Anyone who agrees should be allowed to put it up. Why do you think you’re so righteous and correct as to tell others what they can and can’t do? It’s just as ridiculous as gays not being allowed to be married, because anything that states ‘you cannot do this just because I don’t like it’ is truly ridiculous.

    Get off your high horse and stop your sanctimonious whining. Maybe try to go a day with a full on smile, a wave to strangers and singing just because. Believe me, it might just make your view on the world better. It certainly seems to be needing a change.

  • Debrad

    How I choose to express my support for the legalisation of same sex marriage in the US is my business. I like the rainbow icon (in spite of Christian groups claiming it’s theirs and theirs alone to use). It’s easy and obvious what it means to the broad community. This guy has the world’s biggest chip on his shoulder, and I feel sorry that he’s obviously struggled through his life with his sexuality. He asks ‘where were you in the 80s and 90s…?’. Well, hate to break it to you, Facebook, didn’t exist then – social media had not been invented. The web only came into being in the 90s. Just because we don’t physically join your ranks to help you fight the cause, doesn’t mean we don’t support you! Grow up.

  • Jasmine Nunz

    i myself am straight and support this movement and think everyone i mean everyone should be happy , dosent matter if there straight, gay, or lesbians, were all the same we have hearts and we love, so stop assuming everyone is a hater ,i never had anything against this movement on equal marriage , but you must think that everyones a hater, so what , if i want to have a rainbow profile pic and i put it down isnt becuase i want to insult , what if i just want to fucking add a new picture! and still support this movement, actions are more important than pictures and representing, representing should be something that should be done by action, so if people are starting to put up these rainbows in their pic and they want to support this , stop assuming their haters, becuase assuming gets you no where everyone is different , thinks differently, so stop posting a hate article and trying to act like you know everything about everyones intentions, people have the fucking right to support what they want , unless your the lord or any higher u cant assume or say straight people shouldent support this equality movement I will gladly support it becuase i have freedom of expression, just like i had the freedom of expression to read this article,

  • kurtz_sea

    As a gay guy, this is disgusting to me. In case you forgot, we’re a minority and would be nowhere without our straight allies. Furthermore, after pride month is over every year I’m ready to stop see unicorns shitting rainbows at every turn too–you dont have to flaunt the flag every moment of your life to support and advance the fight for 100% equality. Bugger off (that’s something people in the UK say, right?)

  • Karen Kelly

    Well I for one didn’t feel the need to change my profile picture as my Lesbian/Gay friends know how much I love them, and I know they wouldn’t care what I did in this respect. I can to an extent see where you’re coming from, I know you’ve had to fight to be treated equally, and I guess a lot of us haven’t been there at times supporting your fight, but I do feel us “straights”, not all of us, but the ones like myself, are doing every day what you really want people to do and that’s to just treat every PERSON we come across the same, regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual preference and so on, and that’s what I do. I admire your celebration of pride, and I don’t doubt that there are people out there changing their profile pictures just to be ‘cool’, but please don’t be so jaded by past experiences that you can’t see there are people out there just like me that don’t pigeon hole you as actually just see you as Charles…….

  • Bi Girl

    Uh, the term breeder alienates the non-monosexual community. Even if I could get behind the sentiment of your article (which is an interesting premise, though a bit severe for my liking), you should be more considerate of fellow LGBTQIAP+ folk. Because the B, Q, and P are a part of the acronym for a reason. Additionally, online activism isn’t always slackivism. The Black Lives Matter movement, for example, has had great impact and it started online, and social media has been used as a tool in countries with strict regimes.

  • Loyal.lady

    Who the hell….. I’m straight, and mine will be up for as long as I want it up, I support my family members and friends!! Be them gay, lesbian, hereto, bisexual, transexual… And whatever else more there are… I love and support them for who they are and the struggle they go thru. When I do decide to change it, it’ll probably be a picture of my baby. Everyone changes their pictures frequently, so what did it matter ¿? So just because I, myself am straight, that I cannot have a rainbow on my profile picture? (That Facebook provided for EVERYONE to do!!.. There was no fine print stating that if you are straight, you may not use). How dare you be so judgemental and than cry about people judging you??

  • Mike Hitchcock
  • Mother of Dragons

    You are segregating the LBGT community by slagging on a massive amount of supporters. The rainbow profile pic was to celebrate pride, raise awareness of the success but also the journey still to be had around the world. The LBGT community do not hold the rights to be the only people to be proud of the progression of the modern world. It should be a joint celebration, no matter your sexual orientation!
    Its almost heterophobia, calling people “straights” like its a bad thing to be! Surely a community that has been subject to so much ridicule and hatred should be embracing support!! And your references to the make poverty history bands and no make up selfies do not support your cause! Both “fads” raised a LOT of money for the causes they were for. Look things up before you try and make a large proportion of the world feel bad for supporting progression and achievement.

  • RC Payne

    Wow? Really? I get that you have PLENTY to be angry about, but your little tantrum makes you sound like an asshat. You know nothing about me. You know nothing about my support of the LGBTQ community. My daughter IS out of the closet, and she has brought home a girlfriend, and I made their shirts for pride that year.

    I use my voice for my MANY friends who are gay, and I will continue to do so, because when their voice is not heard perhaps my loud mouth can speak up for them. I am an activist ally. I don’t sit on my ass simply following a trend.

  • Organizer

    Because hypocrisy is worse than injustice? Because sectarianism is more important than human liberation? Because small change is the enemy of big change? This article is one of the best examples I’ve ever seen of how to be a radical if you don’t want social change.

  • Mike Massong

    Why the hell am I not allowed to have a rainbow profile pic? First of all, gays don’t own rainbows. I’m not exactly sure when optical illusions and homosexuality became synonymous, but I feel like associating a group of people by any one thing, especially a nonsensical thing, is unnecessary and leads to stereotypes that would have otherwise been incapable of being made. Second, I’m not gay, but I’d like to show my support. I don’t see anything wrong with that, and I’m not sure why you do. And third, who the hell are you to tell anyone that they can or can’t do anything? Fuck you, person.

  • Ash

    Why do you hate everyone so much? Why are you so angry at straight people? Why do you keep pissing off all the other non-straight people?

    Do you need a hug?

    Or is this all because you cannot seem to get laid because of all the straight girls in the gay clubs somehow cock blocking you? (From your article: ) And why are you so desperate for random hook ups in gay clubs? You know they make apps for that now right?

    Also, where did you develop the magically gift of being able to tell who is straight and who is not simply by looking at them (or are you still buying into stereotypes)?

  • Callum

    It’s showing appreciation and awareness of the triumphant day that LGBT had last week.
    Stop being an absolute nause and let people show their support, even if its for a few days at least the LGBT are seeing an overwhelming level of support from us through social media.
    Get a grip cynic.

  • LoneWolfiNTj

    Charles White: What an absurd, absurd, absurd, absurd, absurd, absurd, absurd, absurd, absurd, absurd, absurd, absurd, absurd, absurd, absurd, absurd, absurd, absurd, absurd, absurd, absurd piece of writing.

    Oh, did I repeat myself? That’s because there’s really only one word to describe what you just wrote: absurd.

    Did you recently start smoking crack? Then stop. Or perhaps you’re off your psych meds? Then start taking them again. Your boyfriend left you? Then go kick a trash can. Whatever it is that’s fucking up your mind, it’s totally unacceptable for you to be here on the Internet attempting to drive allies away from the LGBT community because of it. Why build fences and armies between people who should be friends? Stop that! Pull yourself together, man! I think that if you step back, clear your mind, and talk a calm look at what you you just wrote, you will realize what a horrible piece of writing it is, and do the respectable thing: erase it, apologize, and take a totally-different, inclusive approach in your future writing for this publication: build bridges, not fences; make friends, not enemies.

  • elyso

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! its a miracle straight people are beginning to support the queer community, WHY WOULD YOU PUT THEM DOWN FOR SOMETHING AS FUTILE AS THIS?!?! wIth these rainbow filters we see how many people would vote for marriage equality in every country and they’re not appropriating anything they’re just showing they’re support, can you please just appreciate it?!? WE NEED THEM. It’s terrible I know but we can’t fight this fight alone, there’s not enough of us. We need them.

  • Skully

    As a straight guy, I’ve been advocating for over 30 years. When I was in college…theater department…we all hung out together at the line Gay bar because it was the one place we all felt comfortable….and it had the best dance music.

    Since then, I’ve written newspaper editorials, and have spoken tirelessly in favor of equality in all things, not just marriage.

    Congratulations. You’ve convinced me to stop. The rainbow FB pic was a celebration. It felt like we were moving toward things being like that Gay dance bar from long ago…everyone cool.

    I guess I was wrong.

    And as tempted as you’re going to be to call me a troll, you couldn’t be more wrong. I’m someone who was on your side, who will now fall silent because i know I’m not really welcome.

  • finnmd

    This is just about the worst article I’ve ever read. On a momentous day (not only for the LGBT community, but society generally), people have demonstrated, in an albeit kitsch way, that they rejoice in the change. Similar to wearing a poppy for Remembrance Day. By your logic, everyone who doesn’t wear the poppy 24/7 is not serious about their concerns for veterans affairs. It must be miserable to have your mean-spirited, cheap outlook on life.

  • Thomas Zachary Seward

    So I’m guessing you didn’t need to be patronized by allies like Ginsburg, Kennedy, Sotomayor, Kagan, and Breyer?
    Either you’re a Poe or you just don’t understand how much allies help.

  • rad rick

    who do you think you are “trying” to tell anybody what they can or can not do buddy? if i want to show support for my friends thats MY BUSINESS.

  • Damien Smethurst

    I come from a family with a lot of gay members, and from the day I was old enough to understand the concepts of ‘gay’ and ‘straight’ I’ve seen both as being equal.

    The person that wrote this article is just a bitter (insert expletive of choice here), and clearly is the kind of person that doesn’t want straight people going to gay pride marches because they “don’t understand”…

    What, exactly, do us straight people not understand? That society treats gay people differently and it shouldn’t? Yep, I got that one down. That we are all created equal? Yep, on board with that. That just because America finally joined the 21st Century, that doesn’t mean the struggle is over around the world? Guess what, I know that too…

    But America, for all their faults, is currently the most powerful nation in the world, and if they show they support equal rights then we move one step closer to everyone else doing it.

    There are some nations that might NEVER accept gay people, and that is something that the rest of us need to do our best to fight against for as long as we live. How long I keep pretty colours in my profile picture has nothing to do with how much I care about the rights of gay people…

    Because here’s the thing, where I come from, there are no gay people, there are no lesbian, or transgender people. There are no black people, or Muslim people, or Jewish people. Where I come from, there are just people, and until the rest of the world looks at it like I do, the struggle for equality will never be over

  • Lumina

    Like they always say any press is good press! Even if everybody where to take of the filter now the effect of it is still positive as it reminds those who aren’t out of closet that the people around them have a positive opinion on gay rights. I highly doubt anyone would keep this filter permanently and the longer it stays the less impact it will have. Right now its a passive way of showing people that you to some degree support gay rights and that is a powerful thing. As it can influence government, business and people on all levels of society!

  • Ru4real

    Yet another white gay boy who wants to play at being oppressed. Wanker.

  • Ben

    People have their own battles to fight and things they put time and effort into. Maybe putting a Facebook filter on their profile picture or wearing an arm band is the most they can do, or a small part of a bigger effort. I agree that, to a certain extent, a lot of people follow these causes as a fashion statement but it’s still making people think about them and take them seriously, at least for a while. That can still lead to a change in society over time. Friends of mine who are gay and bisexual are using the rainbow filter, so it’s not a statement exclusive to straight people.

    If you accuse people who are trying to support your cause of being wrong or cynically self promoting just because they’re not going as far as marching in the streets and storming government buildings, you’re going to spoil the cause for everyone it matters to by turning away the people who are trying their best to help it.

  • Cameron Ishee

    Okay. Your rage comes across loud and clear. But there are some things you need to think about. Firstly, when EVERYONE has the option to put the pride flag over their picture, it means that closeted kids can do it and get to own their identities a little more without being forced to come out. This is one of the major reasons that high school GSAs are open to all orientations. You don’t know the orientations of the people in the pictures. Even those that are pictures of guy-girl couples may be pictures of people who are trans, bi, ace, or pan. Those people are as much a part of the community as anyone else. Just because they are not making out with someone of the same gender in their profile picture does not give you license to say “oh, you are a straight person who is appropriating our culture. Slacktivist!” Does this cultural appropriation and slackivism really happen sometimes? Yep. Is it worth talking about? Yes! Can you do it without being an absolute asshole and invalidating people’s lives? YES, you damn well can. But you didn’t. You chose to insult people, and that makes me highly disinclined to listen to anything else you have to say. So, in the end, whatever message you have is not getting across. You are doing nothing but alienating people. You are doing whatever good points you may have an enormous disservice.

    Side note: do ANY of the people whose profile pictures you used for this article look like they were able to vote in the 80s? There is no way I can understand the struggles of the community back then, but when my generation’s straight allies show support, I think it’s dead wrong to be yelling at people because their parents weren’t activists (and also, you don’t know that, you are just making sweeping generalizations).

  • Gator

    I didn’t use the rainbow, I found another image to express my support. I did for a nephew and his boyfriend, I did for a co-worker and her wife and baby, I did it in memory of my brother whose struggles with religious and societal bigotry drove him to self-destruct, I did it for friends and those I haven’t met, yet, who are confused and afraid. Our house is a safe-house with an open door and open arms and we have been doing this for years. I do hope that someday you will be able to open your eyes a little wider and shed your anger. Rev. Mathew G. Thompson

  • Crystal Stewart

    I was an ally before it was cool! I wear my rainbow filter for celebration, not to show that I support. I support by actually supporting. By tearing down bullies, by raising my children to love and accept, by being a better person than the last generation. I love good people. Good humans. Whatever distinguishing differences one might have means jack all to me. Despite your nasty opinion, I will continue to support the LGBTQA+ community. I will contine to celebrate the victories and milestones.

    My profile picture will not remain with a rainbow filter forever. I was contemplating changing it last night when I read from an autistic individual that the filter hurts them and makes social media hard to deal with right now. That made sense to me.

    I hope you find peace. I hope you become a better, less bitter version of yourself. That much hate is holding you back from being FABULOUS. :)

  • Kelley Roney-Hawke

    As the parent who has raised an gay child (however I was personally born a “breeder”) I will & have always advocated for a more fair & just society for all people and esp. my son ! I`m a fierce momma bear who just wants to tell you that you will not achieve any solutions by acting like such a raving Biotch & Be Proud & Be kind and lead with love for all <3 ! Now say you`re sorry !! And I will keep my Marriage equality bumper sticker on my car till the bumper falls off and my FB rainbow filter as long as I choose TY ~

  • hossjaeger

    “If you’re straight” you need to stop thinking you can speak for the gay community.

    I get that some straight people turned their picture rainbow and now “want a cookie,” as the social justice proverb goes. Those people are annoying and disingenuous, but they are not the majority. Do I feel kind of weird knowing that most of people on my Facebook feed with rainbow icons are straight allies and not actual members of the community? Yes. But as a gay person I would lying if I said I wasn’t heartened to see how many of my friends came out to support me.

    Two words you need to stop using forever: “breeder” and “slacktivism.” The term “breeder” was invented by gay men to demean women, especially bisexual women. “Slacktivism” is the most petty bullshit buzzword I have ever heard. Just because my generation is doing activism on the internet doesn’t mean it isn’t real activism.

    Honestly, GTFO and let a queer woman write these articles, because you’re doing more harm than good.

  • Jarrod Maddux

    I was going to post a comment railing against this post, however I found that pretty much every subsequent comment said what I was feeling. There is no, NO room in this world or in this struggle for cynical assholes like yourself. You are for all intents and purposes anti equality. Grow up you sanctimonious twat, we all struggle and we all face obstacles in life, it is only through the support of others that we conquer. Nobody has ever accomplished greatness on their own. I for one stand with my LGBTQ brothers and sisters through all of your adversity as many of you have stood with me on mine. Yes one day I will change my profile pic just like I have a dozen times before, but I will continue to be a shoulder to cry on a hand to hold a voice to be heard, so fuck you my friend you are no better than those who oppress you.

  • Disappointed

    What a ridiculous and trivial thing to complain about. You know what seems like ‘stacktivism’ to me? Some shitty blogger complaining because other people joined in on the trendy thing they were doing. Go do something actually positive for the community instead of finding more reasons to instigate and divide eachother. And don’t assume all homosexuals share your crappy view. Idiot.

  • Charlene

    People need to start somewhere. This is the type of article/perspective that drives people away instead of being inclusive and educational for those whom may be on the brink of something wonderful, activism-wise. I’m always confused by this type of divisive, negative attitude toward passive activism. It’s at, the very least, a first step in the right direction.

    Very unimpressed with the author’s tone and content.

  • Mainer2thecore

    I was so angry reading this and then I read the comments which calmed me down. It is so presumptive to assume that because I’m straight I’m not out there volunteering at pride events, donating to LGBT charities, voting for candidates who’s views line up with what I believe in and working to change the discrimination I see in every day life.

    Changing my picture was just one of the many ways I show my support and honestly I wanted to celebrate too. I cried when the ruling came through. I don’t have to be LGBT to care or fight for this cause.

    When I choose to change my profile picture it will be because I want to share all aspects of my life. Being an Ally is only part of who I am as being LGBT is only part of who you are.

  • Freddie Taylor

    The rainbow flag infers we are all inclusive and alike. red, pink, blue they are all colours of the rainbow in the same way that gay, strait, bi we are all humans. It’s not a matter of stealing something from the LGBT community but showing a shared agreement for the fight for equality. Yes people are likely to revert their profile picture, they are probably likely to change it again for another cause they feel passionate about. It’s just topical this weekend past and less topical thereafter… loads of people change their profile pictures to something festive in December every year, when they change it back it does’t mean they’ve forgotten about Christmas. I think you have picked a fight with the wrong people. The LGBT community needs fewer people like you, you claim to campaign for equality and inclusivity and then exclude your external supporters.

  • Tony Aguilar

    As a straight man raised by a gay dad and lesbian mother I just have to say: The writer of this article can go fuck himself. Why would you try to chase off straight allies with an article like this? This is an extremism similar to man-hating feminazis. Now I have been going to pride and rallies for gay rights since before this moronic writer probably knew he preferred the same sex ( I can only assume the writer is young because of the idiocy he is spewing) and friendship and respect between homo and heterosexuals is what is needed.

  • Rick Garland

    I can’t believe this guy gets airtime at all. It’s simply utter bullshit. I’m a gay man, and I live in Canada, where we’ve had marriage equality for over ten years. Do you know how gratifying and beautiful it was to see millions of people declare themselves allies? The times in my life where I’ve felt marginalized while being surrounded by people have been too many. This act didn’t change things politically, but it was a measure of the political mentality of many people, and that’s bloody encouraging. This guy does a disservice to progress. The right wing doesn’t need your help, asshole.

  • well youre annoying

    That was the most ridiculous thing ive read. Some people who are straight could be. Velebratong because their brother sister aunt uncle son saughter is affected by this. Some people are close with people who are affected by this and its a sign of support. Jesus… Would you rather alllll the straight people who support the lgbt community to be against it instead of supporting? Do you realize its just a stupid fb picture and even people in the lgbt community have already changed theirs to be without the rainbow? Is nothing good enough for you? Please dont speak on behalf of everybody who is lgbt… Because everyone i know would not agree with this. All ancestors have been through struggles… Just because one didnt go through the same as someone elses… Does not mean they cant care or support it. Thats just ridiculous.

    • well youre annoying

      Typo lol celebrating* daughter*

  • Richard

    Sounds like someone needs to calm down. We straight people showing our support? We’re called allies. I may be straight, but who’s to say my best friend, roommate, other friends, sisters, or their friends aren’t gay? Who’s to say I haven’t actually experienced the struggle with any of those people? Why am I not allowed to show my support and happiness for this step forward for humanity with a simple rainbow picture? Because I’m straight? So, you don’t want straight people to support the cause? Then the laws never would have been passed, because without non-gay allies, the votes never would have gone through. Without non-gay allies, you’d be left alone to fight a battle against ignorance and hate, and none of us want that.

  • Gina

    This article made me angry, but these comments made me happy. This is what solidarity and support looks like.

  • Dark

    If what you want is unity and equality, I can’t understand why you want to isolate yourself in a group of your own. by saying that straight people cannot celebrate and congratulate you on achieving marriage equality in the USA, you are creating a separation between the community and straight people. isn’t the overall goal of all of this to become equal in all things and for there to no longer exist seperation between people of different sexuality. if you insist on using your sexuality to identify yourself then that is how people will identify you. If You don’t Want to be treated differently then don’t isolate yourselves from your supporters that aren’t necessarily in the community. the goal is that being gay or anything will become just another fact like having brown eyes. all humans should be able to celebrate equality as it advances all of society. When women obtained the right to vote, all of society rejoiced. When African-Americans became equal in the mid 1900s every one in society who believes in the betterment of humanity and in equality rejoiced. equality affects everyone. ” injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” said MLK. and he was right. equality concerns each and every one of us. so let us show our support in this minor way to you. yes maybe we havent lived the struggle but we have seen it and disagree with it. we believe in justice so let us all celebrate it together as a human family no longer divided in america by marriage rights. Humanity rejoices together for equality.

  • Kay Johannes

    I have been a vocal advocate for equal rights since my early, early teens. (Read the early 90’s) Often times more vocal than my LGBT friends who due to natural quietness or have been previously teased wouldn’t speak up for themselves. I am a straight woman. I believe in equal rights. The solidarity that people show by modifying the profile pics is great. If nothing else, anyone that might have been a band wagoner will now be more ready to step up and speak out. Tolerance and love is taught by EXPOSURE and knowledge seeking and this helps another who might not have had a strong opinion one way or another to form one.

  • ka

    Breeders. really!?! I am so outraged by this whole article. first of all. What ever your sexuality you can have children. secondly not all straight people have children. thirdly all humans fight for equality. there’s so much wrong with this article.

  • FB Engineer

    Not going to mention my name here, but I thought the author of this article might want to know that two of the guys who implemented the pride flag filter that so many Facebook users have used to show their support for marriage equality, are themselves gay. I’m a straight guy myself, but I’ve been “gay bashed” back when I was in high school, so while I don’t share in Charles’s hatred of people who are different from himself, I do know first hand what it’s like to be attacked due to other people’s prejudice. I only hope that Charles can someday overcome his own.

  • You Sir, have a lot to learn

    My cousin is a 17 year old pre-opt trans, in a male body who feels that she should be female, she and her younger brother have faced such vile bullying because of this this that they had to change schools.

    She has removed all FB photos where she is depicted as a boy and at
    large family gatherings she dresses gender neutral as she is worried what
    certain people might say.

    I know for a fact that for her, seeing her family and friend’s profile photos go rainbow meant a lot. It showed support and it reaffirmed that there are those that she can turn to, should she ever wish

    I don’t label my cousin as trans, in the
    same way that I don’t label my gay friends as gay. We are all equal and should
    only be judged on our actions. I hope that in the near future a lot more people
    and governments also share this view.

    And by the way, I’m one of those straight
    guys who sometimes goes to gay bars, cos my gay friends are as welcoming to me
    as I am as welcoming to them. And that is all that counts.

  • H. Leo Walder

    This article is so petty. How would you have felt if no one showed their support? I imagine Id be reading something denouncing people for not showing support.

    Dumb and totally not thought out piece of incendiary drivel of an article.

    Go out, celebrate, be proud…otherwise just stay quiet @charleswhite

  • Bryony

    Oh do one. You’re not American, why should you post a photo with the flag either?

  • St.G


  • Kat Wolfdancer

    people who are showing support for the basic civil rights of our
    Brothers and Sisters via changing our Profile pics to the Rainbow
    Profile have been actively working for equal rights for years. The
    assumptions that “everyone who changed their profile pic is a
    slacktavist” is ignorant. So yeah, Charles White, you ARE a cynic. I
    got yer “fair weather Ally” right here. I’ve probably been an Ally
    longer that you’ve been alive . I’m 58 years old. My Mom is gay want to prove that I’m wrong???


  • SmellyFingers

    Stupid faggot.

  • Amanda Decker

    Wow. That is a really cynical outlook on this subject… This was almost written directly to specific people, but it’s hard to hear that in the tone of this piece. I can see where a lot of people could get butt hurt, but… I can fortunately say I have actually done many things, other than change my profile pic on FB, to change the world for the better, to fight the oppressor… so I am assuming that I am not to automatically lump myself into the group of “not allowed’s” simply because of my sexual orientation. That would seem absurd to me…. No I was not able to fight Section 28 in the 1980s… I wasn’t born until 1986… Had I been there, able to fight? I would have, and would probably not have been told to sit down and shut up, simply because I am straight. No I was not able to fly to Belfast to help tear down the Peace Walls… Again, had I had the opportunity, I’d have been there. Most of the supporters of that movement were not able to attend, but they did what they could to support those who were fortunate and brave enough to be there in the moment, and would never have been scolded and told not to support simply for not being physically there. But if you truly feel that it is NOT OK for straight people to do something that I agree is kind of flaky, and shallow…. like change their FB picture…. without the knowledge of whether or not they have done more in the fight for equal rights… some of those people have Mothers, Fathers… sisters, brothers, cousins… OR FRIENDS… and may have lost them to hate crime, AIDS, or in some countries, a totally fucked legal system…. who they have fought for and with, tooth and nail, and that profile pic change may be trendy, but it’s also unifying, and may just the tip of the iceberg. Which makes the almost hateful message of this article sting so badly, my gawd. What a hateful place to come from… That’s something only gay people can… allow? Or give permission for?! I’m… stealing it???? Wow… that is not at all what I thought waving that flag was all about. Guess I was horribly wrong. I greatly apologize if I offended anyone in the LGBTQIA community by showing support. I never meant to take something that wasn’t meant for me to share. It’s never been shallow, it’s never been trendy for me. I know for some it is.. but some of us are really hurt by things like this being said, lumping us die hards in with the hipster fucks. If I knew it was offensive, or would piss people off by seeming fake about it, I would have NEVER changed my silly profile pic. I will continue to support gay rights, however I can, by arguing with ignorant people, voting, protesting, whatever the hell I have to do. I will continue to fight for equal rights, because I do not believe for a moment that this is the end. And I truly apologize, SINCERELY, not rudely, at all. It’s been a long time coming, and LGBTQIA’s are not the only ones fighting. And in response to that line about not needing us? You do need us straighties… we are fighting too. <3

  • Lulu

    Dear Charles, it is really sad to read that you think about us straight people so badly, that we could not stand by our words and etc. I am Polish, so yes my Fatherland is really far away from giving equlity to LGBT . But I have a lot straight friends which are trying to change this, and it is not only but putting the filter on their photos. I had a first open gay bar in 90’s and I took fights myself . I moved to Iceland and it is complilty different here. The Gay Parade is a huge family party and yeah, everybody are equal with marriages and love. And those people , like me , used rainbow over their photo. Because we are happy and beacuse we want to world to know about it, and we will not be silent. Best

  • Steph Myszka

    Well aren’t you the angry man? In my experience pride is about celebrating your sexuality – not condemning those who have different sexual preferences than your own. Or did you miss the point completely?

  • A L Vee

    Oh eff you dickbag.

  • Jonathan

    The writer of this needs to calm the fuck down. I am beyond thankful to see my straight allies, including my straight family members, changing their profile pictures to show support. No they may not have gone through what we have, but the fact that they are not only showing themselves that they support us is huge. This isn’t just to say “congrats gays” but it’s telling everyone include other straight people that we are all equal. They were not forced to change their pic to the rainbow. They didn’t have to do that. Every person made that decision to show their support for the community. Even if they changed it back the next day, they still showed their support and showed me that they accept who I am with nothing but love. They don’t have to focus on the “gay agenda” like us, so I don’t expect them to wave pride flags every second. Seeing everyone’s support was beautiful even for one day. The author needs to sit down and shut their hateful mouth. It’s this kind of snarky attitudes towards allies that cause tension between gays and straights. You do nothing but harm our cause of equality.

  • em

    I have been an alli since I was 15 some of my best friends are gay and I am so happy that they can finally have the rights they deserve. I fly that filter for a reason. I may not be gay but im all for equality love is love regardless of gender.

  • pappy51

    You’re really fucked up. But I get it. You’re special and oppressed. And you’re not sharing that with everybody dammit. Because for the religious left. Victimhood is Sainthood. And we can’t all be saints. It will be interesting in the future to watch all the LBGT’s who don’t actually want to be victims for the left. Be prepared. You will be demonized when you leave the fold.

  • Kendyl Russell

    Why does everything need to picked apart and covered in negativity? Why can’t we just celebrate the win without getting cynical in the process? At the very least, you shouldn’t speak on behalf of the entire gay community. We don’t all find this patronizing. Some of us were actually moved by the visual show of support. Even if it only lasts a few days, it was a win in my book. I was not present for stonewall or many other monumental moments in gay history. I did not attend the marches and rallies that got us to this victory either. I did not wear my pride on my sleeve for most of my life, but this victory is still my victory. It’s a victory not just for the gay community but for the human race. The fight we’ve been fighting is for equality. So stop trying to widen the gap between straights and gays. We’ve fought this long and this hard to be considered equal, we don’t need gays like you creating more opposition out of support.

  • aktarian

    I didn’t change pic for three reasons.
    One was that this is celebrating decision made by US court. Since I’m not American I really don’t see why I should do it. For me it was same thing as Irish decision. Nice thing that happened, but something that happened in another country, in another jurisdiction.
    Two was that I don’t really go for this whole “make your profile pic something to show your stand on X” I use same pic since I’ve joined FB 6 years ago and same with Twitter. Hell, on Twitter I still have banner that show support for show that ended 6 years ago.
    Three is that under all the BS this article dumps there is some truth in it when it comes to changing pics. So what does that mean? If you’ve changed it into rainbow filter because you are thrilled by this decision does changing it to something else means you are not thrilled anymore? This is related to point two and why I don’t change change my pic to stance of the day.

  • Educator

    You know what? I’ve been a lifelong ally and happen to be straight. I’ve continually participated in letter-writing campaigns, donated to organizations that support equal rights for all (regardless of gender or asexual preference), have sponsored a GSA at the school where I teach, and have been (and will CONTINUE to be) a loud, proud voice for equality. It’s just the right thing to do. It’s as unfair for you to call me out as a fair weather slacktivist as it is for others to assume they know things about you just because of your sexual preference.

    BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD. Instead of criticizing and belittling people who show support (even if it’s just a little support for a little while), embrace those willing to support and learn. Alienating them certainly isn’t going to make them want to continue sporting your causes. We’re stronger together, you self-righteous, pompous, prejudiced, bitter asshole.

  • Jeffrey Scott

    This article would have been better written by a troll who could have at least made it appear to be plausible.

  • Brian Ross

    This article was the stupidest fucking thing i have ever read. I have and always will be an ally no matter my picture colors. The person who wrote this article is part of the problem not the solution….dont speak for gay rights because you are embarrassing…..

  • amylynn718

    I hope that you find the love & acceptance your life is obviously lacking.

  • Kris

    This is why so many people can’t stand the pride movement – you’re never fucking happy. Now straight people can’t even support gay rights the way you deem they should? a rainbow profile picture is in some way wrong (cause THAT’S what’s really important). Fuck off!

  • Reece Mayhew

    Your a twat

  • Elaina E.

    I’ve been a straight ally for LGBT rights for over 20 years, you sanctimonious berk. If I want to use the rainbow filter to celebrate marriage equality, it’s my prerogative, and when I change my photo, it won’t make one damn bit of difference, because I’ll still stand up for the LGBT community. Even for arrogant twits like you.

  • Ben

    My rainbow filter is gonna stay up for the foreseeable future. I genuinely like the look of it, and, more importantly, it’s a pretty easy shorthand for “ally”. That said, anybody who knows me doesn’t need my picture to have a rainbow filter to know I’m an ally, because I am, and always have been, vocal about my support of love in all its many forms. I get your frustration on the issue, though, as I’m certain that the overwhelming majority of people using it will just forget about it in a few days.

  • Wendy Alexander

    I don’t think that a highly visible show of support and solidarity, no matter if it’s for a day or for the rest of my existence on Facebook, toward my friends who have only ever asked to have the same and equal rights as I do as a straight person, is seen as lessening the struggle of obtaining those rights. And just because a month from now I might elect to change my profile photo does it mean that the support I have for my LGBT friends is going anywhere. I find your cynicism of the support from the ‘straight’ community disheartening. Because as coming out becomes more and more a part of the everyday, the less of a stigma remains. I just think it’s sad that you think so little of the ‘straight’ people who really do supply unwavering support. We may not totally understand, but that does not mean that we cannot empathise with the negative and cheer when something as glorious as last Friday occurs.

  • James Roman

    Wow dude. I don’t know what made you such a bitter Betty, but we wouldn’t be where we are today without our straight allies. Seeing my heterosexual friends don the rainbow pictures was an incredible sight. I can’t believe anyone can be as shortsighted and judgemental as you.

  • Katherine Wren

    Oh fuck off! You assume that straight people who use the rainbow filter are “fair-weather allies”?! What the fuck ever! What, because not everyone goes to protests or writes letter to their senators, they’re not allowed to celebrate love being recognized and the end of discrimination? FUCK. YOU. I voted for gay marriage to be allowed in my state before the SCOTUS decision and I was jubilant when it passed! I wrote a paper for an AP class in high school about why California’s proposition 8 and the defense of marriage act were unconstitutional. I have defended this decision and my beliefs against strangers, friends, and family for YEARS. Goddammit, I had a stake in this! Support is support, you ass! This isn’t just a victory for lgbt people and “devoted allies”! This is a victory for humankind and it ought to be celebrated by anyone who appreciates it! Get off your high fucking horse. I have earned the right to celebrate this decision and straight or no, I will do so however I damn well please! I know plenty of people who are happy to see so much support in the form of this rainbow app. I’m proud to see so many of my friends willing to show that support publicly in defiance of the beliefs or their families and religions. You will not ruin this for me or for anyone else.

  • pappy51

    Well, Your article is really winning people over. Good job.

  • Dani

    As a bisexual teenager, please shut the fuck up.
    I recently came out, and you know what? I probably wouldn’t have if it was for the support of the people I hold dear, may of them being straight.
    I need my straight allies. The LGBT community needs it’s straight allies. They’re part of the reason why the LGBT community is so accepted as it is today.

  • Katherine Wren

    Reading the comments below this article has calmed a lot of my anger. If this post achieved anything positive it was to shine a light on people with this quite frankly damaging opinion and provide a place where people could come together and refute it with both logical and emotional arguments and debates. If you want to judge me for being happy about this decision and for fighting for a law that may never directly affect me, then consider the idea that every straight person who fought for this was doing so on behalf of a gay person who couldn’t or wouldn’t fight for themselves.

  • Kat Flores

    What a vile article. I’d bet you are of of those in the gay community that bashes the bisexuals…. myself being one. I feel lucky to have fallen in love with a man, and lucky that if I had fallen in love with a woman instead, my state allows it. However, there are many who see me and think I’m straight, because I’m in a monogamous relationship with my husband. YOU, with your nasty narrow minded view would probably be ranting at my profile because “how dare she have rainbows when she’s obviously straight since she married a man” Get your head out of your ass, if it wasn’t for the straight supporters we might be celebrating this victory 25 years from now instead of today. Spread love, not hate. If you really are gay, you would know how much it hurts to be on the receiving end of hate. We have all felt that… they come in flat out insults.. “dyke, fag, lesbo” or subtle phrases “I feel like I’m with a dude sometimes, pick a side, you aren’t gay…you’re married” and it hurts every time. I feel lucky that we can be open now, and you are so pathetic for spreading negativity when you should be celebrating this privilege that should never have been taken away in the first place.

  • Jade Dauser


    You are dead wrong on this issue. Dead wrong. Showing support in this fashion was made simple by FB, who added the filter on a nearly one click basis.

    Was it easy? Absolutely. Silly? Maybe. Valuable? Undeniably.

    I can tell you from personal experience it generated conversations, and let people who otherwise would have never known that they either were giving support or were receiving support from people in their extended lives. This at the very least illuminated for many people that some of the straight people in their lives were on the side of marriage equality, and equal rights for all, in general.

    In my particular case, I had two conversations with people that ended up really getting them over the line from being ambivalent/negative about marriage equality to fully agreeing that it was a good thing. I am sure that other people had similar experiences.

    Some minds certainly weren’t changed. Maybe most were not. But even if just the two people that I ended up having that conversation with were the ONLY ones who were willing to shift their view, then it was all worth it. Winning hearts and minds, one at a time is *winning*.

  • Duane Vore

    You remind me of the black whiners all upset because this white girl dared to wear box braids. Maybe I should overlay my pic with a demigirl flag. I mean, since my gender identity is questionable, I’m not sure if I’m “allowed” to use a rainbow overlay or not.

  • Mick Anderson

    This… This is a joke, right?? Like, satire or something?
    Because THIS is the only bullshit i see.
    First of, calling heterosexuals “breeders”? Way uncool. It’s a slur and it’s messed up.
    Also: fuck you for saying people can’t “celebrate” via a profile picture.
    And yes, they’re going to change their picture back, and so am I. It was to celebrate and soon, I’m gonna go to a picture of me because fuck you, it’s just Facebook and it’s my profile and I can do what I damn well please and you have no right to judge me.

  • Lauren

    I think it is very cynical to say that the rainbow profile pictures are just for show, or nothing real. I didn’t put my rainbow profile picture up because it was cool (though, it is pretty), I put it up because I wanted to express joy, solidarity, happiness, and victory with my friends. I also wanted to show those who disagree with gay marriage (including family members )to show that the good outweighs the negative comments. Yes, we as a society should step out of facebook and social media to do activism towards human rights, but who is to say that those with rainbow profile pictures aren’t doing just that?

    • Scott B

      Precisely. And thank you. What a BS article.

  • Scott B

    Bullshit. Support is support and we should be thankful for any LGBTQQA or Allies that feel the need to support. I call bullshit on your article. And my husband and I will take down our rainbow profile pic when we damn well feel like it. Sheesh. Focus your energies on the real enemies.

  • MaeMae Erives

    What a pessimistic little bitch.

  • Jen

    But what about us straight allies who DO fight every day and have been doing it for years? I’ve been fighting alongside my LGBT friends for their rights in my city for a long, long time. I volunteer for Add the Words, I work in a gay bar, I volunteer with the gay men’s chorus, and I am a stage manager for Pride. Just because I’m straight doesn’t mean I’m jumping on some kind of fad. Some of us actually do love and support you and devote our lives to it.

  • Æyla Ræanne Bennett

    There are plenty of straight allies who’ve fought along side the LGBT community. You don’t have to be gay to believe in the right to love freely with equal rights. This article is really hurtful to the genuine allies out there.

  • Jim Hyslop

    I call bullshit on you. I am cisgendered. I am not a “fair weather ally”. No, I was not personally at any of the events you mention, but I *have* lost dear friends to AIDS. I have sat with my gay friends comforting them after suffering anti-gay bullying. And yes, I fully expect when my pansexual daughter brings home the love of hir (not her, hir) life, ze may not be a cisgendered male.

    Many of us have been staunch allies through the years. No, we have not personally suffered what you have suffered, but when the LGBt+ community enjoys a victory, we celebrate with you. When the community suffers a defeat or a loss, we mourn with you.

  • Zachery DeNick

    Are you just miserable about the ruling and taking it out on those who support those in the gay community? If not why hate on those who are happy to see friends, family and other loved ones rejoice in the ruling that lifts their bans on marriage. Keep your disapproval to yourself.

  • Carol

    Wow! I totally disagree! I really appreciated the support of my straight friends. The show of support was nice. I don’t need to see it in front of me every day to know that it is there. I am sure some people did do it to be part of a cool trend, but let’s give credit and thanks to the others. I had “friends” who were angry at the decision, so I think it took some courage from some others to be supportive. Some even jumped into the fray of the discussions.

  • Tommy Merlino

    This is obviously by a angry homophobe

  • Nathalie Schillo

    You know…
    If you want to feel special, like you’re morally superior to other people and misunderstood because you’re gay and don’t want to see that not everyone is responsible for you feeling that way… feel free to crawl back into some hole where you can’t see the support.
    Because there’s a change going on.

    Not everything is peachy everywhere, I’m aware of that. I’m someone who fights for human rights, because that’s what it’s about, every day. Even if it’s just telling someone to stop bullying someone or to stop making bad jokes. Even if it’s just signing a petition or making others aware of a situation.

    Stop pushing people away. You might need them one day.

  • Cecilia Clark

    mothers, fathers, siblings and friends and community cannot support
    their gay friends or children? Who do you suppose helped support the push for
    equality? It was not just the people who are not straight. Sad sad sad
    No One owns a rainbow.

  • Patricia Logan

    Wow. What a douche. I haven’t been called a breeder since doing HIV nursing in the early 90’s… and by the way, that was by the nurses, not my gay patients. They loved me. Most of my friends, and I’m not talking FB friends, I’m talking real life friends, are gay or lesbian… and I have a hell of a lot of friends. For the record, I’m nearly 60, straight, married nearly 30 years to a man, have four children, 3 of them straight, and I was an ally long before my other child came out last year. I’ve been walking in pride parades with PFLAG for years in many cities and honestly, had one of my gay friends not reposted your “hate-filled” blog on FB out of pure outrage for his straight friends, I wouldn’t have seen it at all. I think you’re a pig of the highest caliber and for one, you have no right to tell me what I can post on FB and what I can’t… and in fact, I’m not going to waste any more air space with you, you angry, bitter, queen. Eff off

  • April

    What a crappy post and with the comments stating there is no such thing as Bi. Yet there ate a lot of Bi people. I identify with Omnisexual and have always felt alienated. I am in a relationship with a man and I don’t see this changing. However, I did a lot of things when it comes to fighting for equality. Not every person in a same sex relationship can say the same. Some still hide. With that said, “straight” and “gay”, everyone will eventually change their profile picture to something without the rainbow. It doesn’t mean they care any less about the subject. Many people off all sexual preferences had a part in standing up and demanding equality. This post if just a huge bitter slap in the face to the people who helped make a difference and is just as bad as the people who are against equality. The purpetual circle of hate. Stop being bitter and continue to make a change. None of this ever should have been an issue, but just like slavery and the right to vote, there are people always trying to supress others. Look to the future and fight for what is right.

  • Albert J. Brown

    I agree with most of this message. I disagree with the parts that imply that one particular group of people is inherently better than other group(s) – irony – but I agree with the bulk of it.

  • Jordan

    This is seriously flawed logic, and is doing nothing but hurting the
    cause. One can show sincere support as an ally for gay rights without being a full blown activist. This is a critical divisive time for gay rights. A time when small brief gestures actually CAN add up to shift public opinion (and clearly has in the past 10 years). Antagonizing those who express any support for your cause even with a small gesture like this is misdirecting your frustration and is so completely counterproductive.

  • Hata H. Zappah

    Oh dry up. I see my straight friends use the rainbow profile setting and it warms my heart. No one is so rich as to throw away a friend.” That was what Chi Chi Rodriguez said in To Wong Foo, and I think you should heed it well. I know there are times when straight people can be woefully ignorant and annoying but these are times we should be taking as opportunities to educate them.

  • victor

    Trying being black and gay in the 90’s like my cousin, whoops do you are upset because of little coloring. The law is on your side now with equality now it will take time just like desegregation. Don’t rush people into becoming enemies those will come. Note I’m straight but ive done marchers are gay marriage as well as donated and petitoned. Lumping everyone in a bucket is exactly what bigots do you should act better than that.

  • Hata H. Zappah

    This does NOTHING to help the struggle. You are being really bitter and you need to stop. I have a few more het female friends than I did a few years ago, and to see them using it warms my heart. Who are you to talk to them that way? Who are you to impose your sense of self-righteous indignation on us with this nonsense that you stringed along. Seriously, queen, go get your life and stop being so bitter. Really, we need our allies here, and we don’t need people like you being so harsh and rude to them. I’d rather talk to them in our spaces than I would you. Why? Because I know these people have compassion and understand the struggle, on whatever level. You, on the other hand, seem to have no sense of either. Troll, your bridge is missing you, as well as the warm spot under your rock. Go crawl back under and never speak again.

  • lishevita

    If you live in a democracy and you are part of a minority, it does you no good to tell the majority that they should all shut the fuck up and stop showing their support for you.

    Who are you to say that straight people don’t know your struggles? Maybe they are allies because they have a kid or a sibling or parents who are gay? Maybe the people in the picture appear “straight” but one is trans and they have WAY more struggles than you do, by far. What do you know of that? And what do you know of empathy? It’s a thing. Lots of humans have it.

    And, “The worst kind of slacktivism”? Are you serious? There are far worse kinds of slacktivism. This was a case of lots of people being happy for people who are allowed to get married and have certain legal rights permitted to married people that are not permitted to non-married couples. No one that I know thinks that this is “the end of the fight” or any such nonsense. In the US there are still more than 20 states where you can get fired for having married a person of the same gender as you. There is SO much more to be done.

    Can you not understand that a major battle was won here and that should be celebrated? Get over yourself. You are not a unique and special butterfly.

  • Tamlynn Jayne Gradwell

    Someone needs to get over them self, no I’m not gay but I have family that are and I want them to be happy no matter who they are with I support them. That’s what the colours for ‘breeders’ means it’s support and if you can’t accept that then your gonna have a long lonely battle. We may not go round publicly shouting about supporting gay rights but will still stand by you. Just as you don’t all go round announcing your gay but you still are. Reading this article has just mad me so mad and how offensive, I know a few gay people that don’t particularly like being called queer and homo so doesn’t say much for your attitude in having self respect. As for calling straights ‘breeders’ you wouldn’t be here without them. So crawl out your own ass and accept the world isn’t like it was years ago, gay, black, religious everyone has been through a struggle so don’t make out your the only one who has suffered. Things are more widely accepted these days

  • ELBSeattle

    Fuck off you twat. Gay people need every straight ally we can get.

  • Vergesst Esbesser

    So what you mean to say is – all the straight people that joined your fight since years and years like it was their own, because of LGBT family members or friends, or just because they believe in it, are just following a hype when they now share the joy about what has been achieved? You rather want to feel discriminated? Feel free to, I know enough people who, like me, really feel the joy about this important progress.

  • Okaythen89

    Way to perpetuate the “us” vs “them” culture. Is this article serious?

  • Jill Harris-Kuhn

    What a horrible diatribe! People changed their photos to rainbow to show support and solidarity and to celebrate Pride weekend/Gay Marriage being legalised in the USA. Of course they’re going to change them back eventually but it doesn’t mean they withdraw their support or love at all. That’s like saying people should wear poppies all the time and if they don’t then they have no respect for veterans.

    You refer to straight people contemptuously as “breeders”! You sound like such a lovely human being! What a ridiculous and offensive post! Grow up!

  • Chris Piner

    Author and article just sounds like they have an issue with their own straight hating. Don’t hate cause I’m straight. Why even bother wasting data and time with this non sense. I call you out. You are a bigot, you hate people who are not gay. You sir are a disgrace. Like you are asking people to move on and drop the rainbows, you need to move on and let it be.

  • Jessica Daniely

    Good way to spread hate. There have ALWAYS been straight people “on our side”. Everyday, more and more speak up for equality and you wish to shame people? You’re going to ostracize your fellow beings for being happy the world moved forward today? Some of the very same straight people who spoke up with us, marched with us and who spent money on “our” cause? You’re hateful and a poor representative for the community.

  • not from the US

    Fyi, some of us live in different countries (ie not the US) and have welcomed the ability to celebrate that the US is finally catching up. That’s right, we have already had same sex marriage legalised (for a couple of years now). So perhaps, instead of assuming that we are jumping on the bandwagon because it’s “cool”, that perhaps we are celebrating that your country is starting to catch up.

  • Diane Walsh

    I’m calling your bu!!$hit. Equality wouldn’t have happened without the support of gay families friends and loved ones. When I change my profile picture my support for my friends does not stop. Your argument is specious. It’s like saying I took down my holiday decorations therefore I don’t support the holidays. I suspect, gay or straight, you’re just an unhappy human being. Yes there still a lot of work to be done and there will always be hate just like the civil rights act didn’t stop bigotry. The world is changing for the better, and I am celebrating!!

  • Jojo Kelly

    I DO NOT agree with this..If you want to use a rainbow picture and you’re straight then go ahead..As far as i’m concerned the more the merrier!..And it raises awareness..As tracy turnblad once said..’integration not segregation!’

  • Matthew Bremmer

    what a whiny kunt

  • Dina Nichole Combs

    You’re an idiot.
    If the majority doesn’t care, nothing changes. Frankly, you sound as hateful as some of the pastors.

  • Erin Weitzell

    What a cynical, hateful asshole

  • Bradd Waller

    Congratulations on offending me. I’m straight, yet I’ve been a strong suporter of human rights for all humans for years. I have a slew of gay friends, frequent gay clubs with my wife and helped manage a gay club for a few years. It’s self absorbed jackasses like you who are continuing to promote a divide between people of diferent sexual orientation. You don’t know me or the millions of people you just attacked yet you write this garbage here passing judgements on us all as one large group. Maybe one day YOU will grow out of your pregedices and start viewing us all as humans instead of people grouped and catagorized by lifestyles or diferences. People like you make me sick.

  • Ashlyn Forge

    I get that the poster resents being treated as a trend, but that’s not what I saw. My newsfeed and my buddy list bled proud colors of the rainbow and it was a pretty impressive thing to behold.

    It didn’t scream, “I’m in the struggle now, whoo hoo, look at me.” It said respectfully, somberly, and humbly, “Freedom for all to marry in The Land of the Free? It’s about fucking time.”

  • Maxien Fisher

    Oh gosh I stopped reading half way through. What a miserable tw*t! You presume to know everyone, stereotyping and putting people in boxes.. Isn’t this what the LGBT community have been fighting against? I have and always will support the LGBT community and have and will continue to do charity work to raise money to help those who need it. Screw you! I’m straight! I used the filter and it wasn’t a fashion accessory. I didn’t even have a picture of myself in the filter… This was a show of support and the whole world joined in. This could have been that one things that could have helped hundreds of thousands of people out there who were on the verge of giving up their fight….. You are just a miserable idiot!

  • Janet Brummett

    As a straight ally, I find this article to be assumptive & stereotypical. I, for one (& trust me I know numerous others), marched & picketed for gay rights for years. I’m old enough to have tomatoes thrown at me & yells of, “Die, lesbian dyke bitch,” when I went to work at the local gay bar. I watched as several friends died from AIDS, providing whatever comfort I could to them & continually working to fight for more research money & for every human being’s right to live & love as they choose. I attended Pride weekend & had gay, lesbian & bi-sexual roommates throughout the years that I wholeheartedly supported in all manner of ways. To have you dismiss that support as a “fashion statement” is a slap in the face, & discriminatory. What? Because I’m straight I’m not capable of having a soul gentle enough to understand someone else’s pain or a brain strong enough to fight for what I believe in even if it only indirectly effects me??? That’s the nice part – here’s the rest. F*** you. You’re an ignorant, ungrateful ass & are single-handedly adding fuel to the fire that allows straight people to marginalize queers as “different (insert worse here as an acceptable synonym)” than everyone else.I suppose you were against the White House showing support, too? You need to put on some big girl panties & grow the f*** up. Last week was a victory for ALL who fought hard & for those who only quietly support. Respect & recognize it as such.

  • Rhiannon Boylan-Walton

    Well I’m not going to change the profile pic- yes rainbows show pride and stuff, but I like how the filter adds more colors to my picture. It’s the same with any filter people use- it makes it look nice. Originally I did it for pride. I’m keeping it for the look.

  • Lorien Shannon

    Have you ever heard of Viola Gregg Liuzzo? If not do yourself a favour and get educated. She, and others like her, where an integral part of the Civil Rights Movement, because no group fighting against oppression can do so without the help of allies from within the community that is doing the oppressing. The Civil Rights Movement needed white allies in the same way that our fight needs straight allies. You, Charles White, are the one doing the damage here. So sit down, shut up, and stop trying to speak for us gays who are incredibly thankful for the support of those who fight with us for no other reason than the goodness in their hearts tells them too.

  • Bradley L Mathis

    Listen you sorry excuse for a human. Those of us who have fought hard, suffered severely under anti Gay governments and who have waited a life time to be able to marry deserve to turn out pics rainbow. And to see so many of our straight allies do so in support mean a lot to us. So you can take your self righteous, hate spreading rant and shove it straight up your arse. That is if there is enough room up there with your head already shoved up there.

  • JoeSchmoe

    Fuck you, Charles White.

  • Annette

    Charles White is clearly the LGBT equivilant of what the Westboro Baptist church is to Christianity. Sanctimonious, pompous, attention seeking, hateful ass.

  • Joe Stacey

    I am a fag. People need allies. Shut the fuck up.

  • Durrrr

    You sound incredibly bitter. People who support gay rights supported them before this happened and will continue to after. Do you have your Facebook profile picture littered with every cause you believe in? If I don’t have something on my picture indicating I believe in the GMO right to know act does it mean that I don’t believe in it right at that moment? No. If my profile picture doesn’t have my children in it does it mean that I don’t love my children? No. It’s a real slippery slope. Just saying.

  • Scott Hodge

    I am straight, my daughter HAS come home with her girlfriend, I did not use the filter. Not because I didn’t feel entitled, because I post pro-LGBT memes and news articles almost every day, those that know me know my feelings. I do however resent your discourse because the more people of all kinds who openly support the community, the more pressure is placed on others to do the same. Chastising those that wish to help is a very poor way to garner support for the cause… just saying.

  • kikodpr

    Approve this assholes

    • kikodpr

      This Charles White must be an asshole. Who the fuck gave this prick a writing space or a keyboard.

  • Robbin Eckart

    Ignorance. I can show my support. I can let them know I agree with my gay friends and community. Also although I may not fight the big fight I do fight. I look to make changes in the people around me. I debate the unacceptance in the people that immediately surround me. I show my acceptance however I can and each small way should count in a small way. Hateful way of being thankful for those of us willing to be unfriend ed and shunned for showing our support.

  • Ethan Clewell

    I reject your premis that us “breeders” are here to steal what you hold dear. You lump straight people into one group that all of us are here to follow a fad. I was raised in a homosexual house hold, now I won’t pretend to know what your struggle is like but when it’s common knowledge that your mother is gay its not a walk in the park. So again I reject your premis that all of the straight people in the world know nothing about the struggle of gays. You’re the most closed minded, person I have ever seen write something on paper. Gay pride is about acceptance for one another and you want to just push everyone away because in your own way you have a bigotry for “breeders”. You sicken me.

  • Straight Rainbows

    I saw this article underneath one that came from a religious blogger who was challenging all of us “rainbow-posting people” to be able to sit down with all the (very ardent, vicious, hateful “Christian”) anti-rainbow people, and I’m glad I read it, as well as the comments that followed.

    I’m a straight woman. And I covered my profile pic with a rainbow. Here’s why I did it, Charles: because when people I know who I also know are homophobic, who might not have seen anything on my FB page for a while, they might think, “HER? Supporting THAT?” As a result of this in at least two recent occasions, I have been able to engage in discussions with people who have something new to think about, in ways they didn’t before. One of them even opened up the mind of her teenage son about what “this” is all about. They are both rethinking their former negative stance. That’s part of the reason I did it. But there’s more. Are you able to hear it, or do you want to stay a cynic? (Cynicism is fine, and I understand it, but I tend to agree with “Gay and Disgusted” below.)

    I have a gay family member and many, many LGBT friends (and not as a fashion statement, but because if the fields in which I’ve worked, I have met many people with all kinds of identities — the thing is, when I connect with people, wherever and whenever, “are you gay or straight?” never enters my mind). They’ve been attacked, spit on, threatened, bullied and humiliated, and more — as you know. I take issue with that. I say so with my rainbow. I was asked to be a part of two friends’ wedding some years ago. They had to be married in a casino on an Indian reservation in Connecticut after being together almost 20 years, because it was the closest enclave to recognize their union as “OK” to be legal. To have to do THAT was bullshit. My rainbow says how strongly I feel that it was bullshit.

    Charles, the people who made this decision that ignited a flood of rainbows were all straight. They were straight. STRAIGHT. If you think breeders didn’t help push this through, if you think the “us and them” mentality and keeping straight people out of LGBT issues and struggles is the way to go, if anyone had to wait for a fully inclusive society to arrive — as you said, many decades down the road — the decision wouldn’t have been made for at least that long.

    Being the friend and loved one of LGBT people I care about isn’t a job, it isn’t a fashion statement, it isn’t even an “issue.” It’s just part of my life. My rainbow says I care very much about these people, that I’ll stand up for them and that I have, and “friends” — or anyone else — who think I’m wrong can go fuck themselves.

    As I say to them, I’m not sorry if my rainbow offends you. But I completely understand how you can become cynical about it. Take heart, Charles — those of us who aren’t put off by others who are angry will still stand up for your right to be exactly who you are. Even if you flip us off while we do it.

  • Kátia

    Why are you so judgemental towards the reasons people chose to colour their profile pictures? The reasons that lead people to colour their picture can be numerous (there can be very personal reasons too). You can not assume you know the reasons behind everyone that did it. I think that is very snobbish of you (see, I’m already judging you too) to think you understand every straight persons motives. Let me enlighten you to my personal motives to colour my picture for about 2 days ( I’m not even American. I’m Brazilian and live in RIo!) 1) I was happy that the law was sanctioned 2) I noticed how happy all my gay friends were 3) I wanted to show them how happy I was for them “I was happy that they were so happy” 4) It’s nice to sometimes, step out of our comfort zone and assume a position in such a controversial matter, even knowing that we are going to upset some more conservative friends 5) our lives are made of everyday acts, some more important, than others. On that day it was nice to do it and participate in this “celebratory online movement/gathering” to show our opinion on a matter that has just happened. It’s not more nor less than that.

  • James Sweet

    So like… because of punching up and everything, if you want to be That Guy and be an asshole, you can do that I guess. But you do know you are totally being an asshole, right?

  • fiona64

    I’ve worked on marriage equality for the better part of two decades. And yes, I’m straight. I’m also keenly aware that this was one battle won, with many more to fight. Please don’t assume that people are just putting up pictures and calling it good. I have had my life threatened by anti-equality people, had to deal with a stalker (I have a police report) and more. I realize that this is small potatoes compared to the victimization of my GLBT friends, okay? I get it. But I’m not going to stop what I’m doing.

  • James Sweet

    I also think it’s time for gay activists to stop using the anti-hetero slur “breeders”. Because of punching up, I think there was a time when that was a totally appropriate expression of gay pride, a rejection of heteronormativity, and a way of turning the whole ugly situation on its head. However, it’s not really that cool anymore, for two reasons: 1) it has always contributed to bi-invisibility, and while maybe at one point that was an acceptable cost, it’s high time for the LGBT movement to start paying attention to the “B” in LGBT; and 2) now that more and more gay people are having kids themselves, it ends up not really be punching up so much anymore.

  • Wonderment

    The flag over your profile pic is intended to celebrate pride; just like pride day which happens on one day. People will still show support when they are not actively participating in a pride event

  • Roberta Bowers Bright

    We’re supporting the gay community, ya tool. Get over yourself.

  • Rini Sotomayor

    I’ll write what I wrote on another ‘news’ article I found saying this very same thing.:

    Eh, I support who I want, what I want, when and how I want to do it. If that upsets someone, then I’m sorry, I’m not harrassing or insulting or hurting or bullying anyone. What some people don’t realize is just because I haven’t personally gone through what they have, doesn’t mean I haven’t had to sit and watch someone I loved, go through it too. My profile picture doesn’t have the rainbow there for me. It is there because I love my friends, and I hate that they had to go through what they’ve gone through, to get this far. No. I haven’t gone through it. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t hurt, for them. If this is how I can show them that I’m in their corner, and will ALWAYS be in their corner, then I’m gonna do it, and nothing, and no one, is going to tell me that I can’t. The one thing to keep in mind is that, my Facebook page? No one’s forcing anyone to look at it. I’m not holding a gun to anyone’s head, saying ‘read my page or I shoot’. If no one likes what I have there, then the easy solution would be… don’t look at my page. Don’t add me to your friend’s list, or unfriend me if you feel the need to. But I’m not going to limit what I do to support the people I love, just because someone, on the off chance, may not like it. It’s that someone’s problem, not mine.

  • Liz Arruda

    The Rainbow is Gods promise never to flood the earth again. Like in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the End. Droughts coming

  • Liz Arruda

    It’s gonna be dry

  • Liz Arruda


  • Themon the Bard

    Speaking as a straight man who walked right-wing suburban neighborhoods passing out campaign literature opposing DOMA-like propositions back in the 90’s, and as a consistent and vocal gay-rights advocate, all I can say is: lighten up. People who vote get to put a little American flag on their lapel for a day, regardless of which America-hating Antichrist they voted for. I’m going to rainbow my FB picture and party for a day.

  • Hata H. Zappah
  • Gilby13

    You don’t need us, eh? Guess there won’t be any more LGBT charities getting anymore money from me then…

  • Riff Erus

    *sigh*… The number of presumptions of intent and attitude here really only accomplish to make the subsequent observations and conclusions completely worthless.

  • MarieKersey

    This is parody, right? I’m 99% certain this is a spot on parody of our most clownishly self righteous queer siblings.

  • George Aitch

    When you say ‘we queers’ I exclude myself from your stupid division. Instead of trying to foster opposition between homosexual and heterosexual people, why not celebrate the ruling in the US (given to us by straight people). This is a ridiculous clickbait article. You are the problem.

  • Vanessa

    So does that mean you can never change your profile picture again? Wow I was un-aware that showing that someone agrees with the changes for our society to allow LGBT couples as well as accepting the culture is only allowed to be shown by the members of the LGBT community. Thanks for the reverse discrimination. :) If you’d pull your head out of your ass then anyone with a brain would know that no one is going to keep a rainbow profile picture for every single picture, LGBT or not. Even if someone does change their profile picture, that doesn’t mean they no longer agree with multiple relationships and people. It simply means they wanted a new profile picture. So grow up and don’t think everyone is out to get you, because guess what, they are not.

  • theantiantihero

    Mr. White seems to be making a lot of assumptions about “the straights”. That they’ve never spoken out in favor of LGBT equality before, that they are shallowly jumping on a bandwagon now simply because it’s fashionable, that they are all somehow “patronizing”.

    Isn’t making negative generalizations about an entire class of people kind of the whole problem?

  • Karla Christine

    wow. i am truly shocked to read this. yes, i am straight, and yes i “rain-bowed” myself to show my support for gay marriage being legalized. so, you think i don’t know what it’s like to be discriminated against? think again, buddy. i was sexually molested, starting at age 3, by both my mother and many men in the Jehovah’s Witness religion when i was a child. did i have a voice? NO. could i do anything about it? NO. my father shot and killed himself when i was 5. i had no brother’s or sister’s or uncle’s or other family members or even anyone who cared enough that i could go to and tell them of this awful thing that was happening to me. did i ever get justice for it or get to “come out of the closet” about it? NO! i could say a million things here in response to your obvious lack of appreciation for the people who are at least extending some sort of support. did i ever get to get retaliation on the 5 black women who beat me up in a gym in 1989 just because i was white? NOPE. is all of this discrimination? YUP. i just quietly went my way and found ways to heal myself. i know you are just a teeny, tiny part of a community that i will still continue to support, but you should really be ashamed of yourself for so blatantly judging me and others when you don’t even know our story, nor do you even seem to care to know what it is like to walk a mile in our shoes. everyone has their challenges. they may not just be that visible to the public. there is a lot more discrimination going on than just in the gay community. you should really write a letter of apology to the people who are just trying to be loving and kind and supportive, to bring more love into the world. shame on you.

  • Blysse

    I didn’t do a rainbow picture but I did attend our Pride parade in rainbow-colored clothing and waved a rainbow flag. What did YOU do? Why should I or any (more or less) straight person not show solidarity with the LGBTQ community in any way they choose? It’s a hell of a lot more positive than the idiots posting “We don’t serve gays” signs in their shop windows. I LOVED the rainbow wash on my FB feed over the weekend. It was GLORIOUS!

  • Reever

    Admit it, you’re Ann Coulter dressed in a Charles White costume. Pissing on walls and trolling for attention, you sad angry little hyena.

  • Seekeroffullness

    Mostly this article just makes me sad. It is obvious this writer doesn’t not believe that human beings at their core want to be good, and to lead a life of such all consuming negativity is a pity and a waste. What is the point of anything if we only focus on hating those who are not like us? We can only improve the world together, and the honesty reality is some people are stronger than others when it comes to societal pressures. This doesn’t mean we should shame people who support us, even if their support doesn’t reach our determined levels. Who are you to set the bar for support man? I understand you have a lot of anger, and people have obviously not been as consistant in your life as you need, but division and narrow sighted judgement of things is why this world is so shitty. Can’t you see that? If you wanted to make a point about LGBT people supporting each other without the need of heterosexuals, you also shouldn’t be so quick to label people within your own movement. As a bi woman I don’t see my ability to “breed” as having anything to do with my efforts to be an advocate for the LGBT community, and the term “breeder” is just fucking insulting to all women who have also faught to be seen as more than just pretty baby makers. I doubt you understand that there are people out there who will use your words to further the emphasis on differences, and you should be ashamed that you words do more to dismantle progress than prompt it.

  • Amy Michelle Lawson

    Who the fuck are you to tell people what they should be doing? I am a huge supporter of gay rights. Gays have had their fair share of struggles but so have most people. It’s idiotic people like you who make me ashamed for the gays as a whole. It’s people like you who are the #1 reason a lot of people do not support gay marriage. Stop acting like you are the only people who have a right to celebrate this victory. Without so many straight supporters, you’d still be hidden in the closet like so many people were in the past. So do us all a favor and get off your “I’m gay and you’re not” high horse.

  • kailynn

    Charles- There were some seriously cunt statements in that article. Let’s start with the fact that you called straight people “breeders”- A term that I not only have found offensive but also has pissed me off for years when I hear the twinks use it…because it feeds the backwoods idiots ideal that if you are gay, you can not parent a child of your own, which is totally ass-backwards wrong. Also, those same people that you have said are not worthy to use the rainbow… have you forgotten that the queers stole it from the hippies? Trust- my lesbian mother-in-law laughs about it often (Get that-a lesbian can breed) because she was a hippy in the 60’s and 70s (She needs to understand that hasnt changed still) but even more so… the hippies stole it from the Christians that used it and believed it to be a sign of Gods promise to not flood the Earth again. So technically, the Gays and Hippies have to give it back to the cross bearing, breeders who have primary claim on the damn rainbow because obviously God has chosen the Christians to own the rainbow by proving he plans to keep his promise via global warming. And one more thing… piss off!

  • Dan McCaleb

    This guy is a moron. Its just a picture filter. Personally I have supported gay rights since I was old enough to be politically/socially aware, and I didn’t put the filter up bc I thought it looked dumb. Not because I’m not an ally of the homosexual cause and certainly not because I’m a bigot. People change their profile pictures all the time, that doesn’t mean they don’t like those pictures anymore lol. Sadly this is a solid case of an over zealous activist who does more harm to his own cause than good. So what if there are a few bandwagon supporters out there. Use them to your cause’s benefit you idiot, don’t push em away.

  • Lee Rowan

    Sunshine, we didn’t achieve marriage equality without our het allies and if they want to celebrate with us, who the FUCK do you think you are to tell them they can’t?

    YOU can hold your breath until you turn blue. Or grow up. Whichever comes first.

  • meadow68

    Hey Mr Queer – I confess I know little/nothing about the fight for Gay Marriage in your country. But here in the ole USA, Marriage Equality happened bc “straight allies” were “out” and “loud” about how we wanted it.

    See here, the USA? We are what’s called A REPUBLIC. Don’t blame you for being fuzzy on the definition. The UK is a Representative Democracy. Look the same on the surface, very very different underneath. In a Representative Democracy, you are subject to the decisions of The Majority. If your Majority is Straight, Christian, White, Anti-Queer, etc then The Minority are all screwed. The Majority is Omnipotent.

    So see… I get it. In the UK, the “rainbow user pics” have little or no real meaning. Representative democracy. Showing support visually means little. Constitutional monarchy.

    But the USA… ahhh we actually rebelled against your goddamned form of government. I don’t blame you for not really understanding why. It was all long ago, after all, and we weren’t the first, the last, or the only rebels to have a Very Bad Breakup with y’all.

    The strict definition of a Republic (for those like yourself, and anyone who does not know and does not care to consult Monsieur Google) is:

    1) a constitutionally limited government of the representative type
    2) created by a written Constitution
    3) adopted by the people
    4) changeable from its original meaning by the people ONLY by the amendment of said Constitution
    5) with powers divided between three separate Branches: Executive, Legislative and Judicial

    To wit: the purpose of a Republic is to CONTROL The Majority strictly. Not to live under their Omnipotence and Tyranny, as in a Representative Democracy.

    Here in the USA, our Republic form of government exists primarily to protect The Individual’s God-given, unalienable rights…

    Therefore it exists for the protection of the rights of The Minority, of all minorities, and the liberties of all people in general.

    Which means … when a LOT of people in the USA who identify openly and visibly (including on FB) as allies who support the Civil Rights of a Minority group start rattling that cage…. OUR government leaders have to pay attention.

    (Those who know quite a bit about the SCOTUS might retort – rightly – that the Justices are appointed for life and are not subject to being DUMPED OUT OF OFFICE like our legislators are. That they are not bound by the larger concerns of their political party. Fair point! That said — the Justices are very much aware of who will vote which way on various issues, and they decide whether or not to vacate their seats (to retire) based on the political make up of the Court and what party is in power, and when that Power Makeup is likely to swing. And that definitely comes into play. Justice is never truly blind here.)

    This is all a very long post, and of course, there could be large amounts of argument about forms of government, and how much Tyranny By Majority there actually is in the UK, whether the Republic really works, and all that, but…

    tl; dr — Don’t try extrapolating your political reality to other countries just because you think the fight is the same everywhere. You look like an idiot.

    Thank you, have a nice day.

    PS. I love everything about the UK, especially your dreamy accents and Richard Armitage. I would like to lick the UK, I love it so much. I would absolutely like to lick Richard Armitage. Send him over!

  • Zuli Bryan

    Or how about let people be happy and show their joy that unjust law has been thrown out? Or how about some people just like rainbows because they’re pretty. I don’t think the LGBTQ+ community has cornered the market on rainbows and how they can and can’t be used for the entirety of the world and for all eternity.
    Didn’t see YOU protesting here in the US whenever some right-wing nutjob would go on their tyraids about “traditional marriage”. Didn’t see YOU out there actively protesting against the Christian bakery who refused to do the cake for a gay wedding. No, you sat safe behind your computer, writing your little articles for your little online magazine site in a completely different country than mine, where this has taken place.
    BTW – Maybe some of the straight cis people have children in same sex relationships? What about their brothers? Sisters? Parents? Quit painting everyone you don’t like with a broad brush of generalizations and remember that people are individuals with lives outside of your personal scope. Can’t straight people support their loved ones and friends who ARE part of the LGBTQ+ community WITHOUT being attacked and shamed for it?
    Put on your big boy pants, grow up, and realize rainbows are yes, a symbol for Pride, but are also simply naturally occurring prisms from light passing through raindrops and exist for EVERYONE to enjoy.

  • Dear writer

    Dear writer,

    I am a post-op transgendered mtf.

    I believe you are writing from anger and cynicism, and are guilty of erecting and enforcing identity labels like “straights” and “breeders”, segregating us with the same intolerance you claim to fight. Nonmarginalized allies are some of our strongest supporters, so keep your anger and your ego from lashing out against solidarity.

  • Mo86

    Thank you for demonstrating the true face of the Sexual Anarchy Crowd! I’m sick of hearing about “love” and “inclusiveness” and “tolerance” and all the rest.

    THIS is what you really are all about – sheer hatred. Thank you for admitting it on the internet for the world to see!

    Know that we will NOT bow to your bullying.

  • DanielW81

    Oh this is going to be fun. Glad to see 370+ comments berating the author already. Now lets dig into that messed up psyche of yours. You have made this into an exclusivity argument as opposed to equality. Somehow, somewhere along the way you were told that you are special. A beautiful and unique snowflake so to speak. You wrapped that idea of special-ness into your self identity, to which you also added your gender and sexual identity. You probably believe that as long as the movement is exclusive, it is special and therefore you are special. You see the influx of straights as a watering down of the movement, diminishing it and thus diminishing yourself since you see the movement and yourself as the same thing. I imagine the reaction the same as if a hipster heard their favorite band on a top 40 station. They would flip out because it’s no longer exclusive, everyone knows about it and that (to them anyways) makes it somehow less than what it was before.

    So basically, you’re a stuck up, half witted, yacht club styled non-straight who’s mad that the summer renters are here

  • Stephen Carmona

    He’s right, I did find the author to be a cynic. Making your feelings of acceptance known to your friends and family is a good thing, even if it’s a temporary change of your profile picture.

  • ZombieGoddess

    Wow. You are incredibly hateful and nasty. How about you not tell us what to do and be thankful for those if us who care. You big jerk.

  • Topsy Krets

    No problem my faggy friend, I never bought into the malarky of your struggle anyhow. Like it’s some struggle to prance around like fairy peacock and shove it in peoples faces for so long they’ve become numb to it . So now your mad the straights accept you so much that they want to show you by using your faggy flag? Well screw you Mr White and the male horse you rode in on. I have had nothing but tolerance for all people but you have made it so obvious you don’t want tolerance or acceptance you want authority bitch! Tke care and God bless

  • Reese Starzec

    Are you kidding me? What the hell is the harm in a person changing their profile pic to something accepting and celebratory? And why should it matter if they’re gay or straight? Yeah, I’m straight, I have the rainbow filter on my profile pic, and it’s not me trying to be “patronizing” or “stylish”. It’s because I have friends and family members that are LGBTQ, and the news that gay marriage was legalized nationwide overjoyed me, and it was a quick, easy way, amongst heartfelt posts, to show my support. So, seriously, we’re fighting for equality. Don’t try to separate yourself just because you’re queer.

  • thetopdog

    Wow, the most negative attitude in an article I have read in a long time.

    It is always constructive to berate people who show support whether it is fleeting or not right? Yes I’m fluent in sarcasm.

  • Mark Coulombe

    What a load of crap you Douche Bag. The only reason gay marriage has been made legal is because of the support from the heterosexual community. The reason it took so long for gays to get their rights is our culture’s mind set had to change. Straight people need to understand and accept people with a different life style.

    With 5 to 8 % gay population in the US couldn’t have done it on their own. Its simple math Mr Shitforbrains.

    Its because of arrogant people like yourself that prolonged your journey in unexcepted queerdom. Don’t be so fn ungrateful. Despite what your mommy told you, you are no more special than any of the 300 million Americans in this country. Welcome to equality Numbnuts.

  • Bgbdmama

    Take a xanax Chuck. I spit on this gibberish. I love and support my gay child and all my gay and lesbian friends always.

  • Caitlin Jean

    No. I totally reject your perception. I respect your right to believe it, but it couldn’t be more messed up from my point of view. You are negatively judging an ENTIRE GROUP OF PEOPLE FOR THEIR SUPPORT FOR EQUAL RIGHTS. Do you know how many consequences some of these straight people faced just for their momentary show of support? And what made you so high and mighty that you are comfortable looking down on those who stand with you in your right to happiness? What? They don’t care “enough” because all you saw them do was change their profile picture? That’s like telling a victim of abuse that they weren’t abused enough. Telling a victim of racism that their experience wasn’t horrible enough. You’re not REALLY part of our activist club (even though you believe in all the same ideals) because this isn’t going to be your profile picture for ALL TIME.

    … really? That really seemed like a fair judgement?
    Sounds like a personal problem to me.

    Btw, I am a proud bisexual and member of LGBT groups since the first one I came across at age 14, and my rainbow pic lasted 2 days. Not because I don’t care, but because my pictures change pretty regularly cuz I keep finding new ways, angles, and makeup that make me feel fabulous.

    How dare you.

  • Matt Drudge

    Wow! You deserve to be called a f@g. And not because of your orientation. It’s because of your narcissism and hate, little f@ggot.

  • Beau

    That’s the most bullshit article I’ve ever read. Support, big or small is a good thing. Most people have changed their facebook pictures back to what they were pre-pride filter, not just the “straights”. I’m proud of my straight mates who didn’t have to do a damn thing, but used the rainbow filter to show they support equality for me. Charles White, you need to get off your homo pride-exclusive high horse and stop being so jaded. I didn’t fly to Belfast to tear down the Peace Walls either, doesn’t make me any less gay, proud or supportive of equality. “We want equal rights but YOU can’t have a rainbow facebook photo because you’re not gay!” – Way to generalize and be regressive, Charles White, you’re the worst kind of gay.

  • jaygoji

    Stupid, stupid fucktard bullshit. Go fuck yourself.

  • Rainbows Don’t Determine Love

    Um. Since when do we need a color filter on Facebook for all eternity to ‘prove’ we support something. Sorry, but don’t hate on straight people for supporting gay people. Have the filter when you want, take it down when you want, and just always support love offline and online. No rainbows necessary.

  • Rebecca Hartford

    The problem with the world today is that everyone feels the need to place labels on everything…why do I have to be “straight” and this person over here is “gay”…why can’t we just be people?

    This article infuriates me to my core because who are you Charles to tell me what the pride flag means to me as a straight person? As if being straight means I can’t feel the struggle on a personal level because I am straight. My best friend in the entire world, the sister I always wished for, is a lesbian or gay or whatever you want to label her…I feel the struggle because every time I hear someone use the word faggot, or marriage equality is turned down, or someone makes a snide comment in public, or anything else one who is gay may endure my heart breaks because I know how it makes her feel…I know what it does to her. So please excuse me if I roll my eyes at your jackass attitude.

    I met my best friend, my ride or die, in 7th grade and she was embarrassed and ashamed to tell me that she thought she was gay (even though I already knew) and it just didn’t matter to me because she’s a great person and she shouldn’t be judged for who she loves…no one should. We’ve been best friends ever since then and we have been through hell and back together. I’ve been called a bitch, a dyke, lesbo, fag, faggot, disgusting…the list could go on. Yea, I could have walked away and stop being her friend because of what others thought, that would of been the easy way out, but the truth is I quite frankly don’t give a damn what people think and my friendship with her is way more important and special than any rumor that might come around.

    So yes I did change my profile picture to display my pride, I cried out of happiness the moment I heard the news and yes maybe one day I will change my profile picture to something else, but my support and love for her and every other LGBTQ+ person out there will never diminish.